Rodent Infestation Clues

Rodents are cunning little pests that can quickly and easily invade nearly any building. They can cause expensive damage, spread disease, and of course, significantly lower property values. Rodents are a menace for any home or business.

5 Sickening Reasons to Get Rid of Rodents

We always hear that “rats carry diseases,” but without anything more specific, it’s easy to write that off as an old wive’s tale. After all, most diseases can’t travel between species anyway, right? Not quite. Below are five diseases carried by rodents that can be passed on to humans — five very good reasons to utilize pest control services to prevent disease transmission.

Mice vs. Rats- Know the Difference

There are three main rodent pests that we have to worry about here in the U.S.: the house mouse, the Norway rat, and the roof rat. Because each type of rodent have different habits, it’s important to know which you’re dealing with if you have an infestation. Read on to learn about each type of rodent and how to best work with your pest control company to deal with them.

Mouse Nests: Where do you find them?

Think you might be dealing with a mouse infestation? If you’re right, you’ll be able to find a nest somewhere inside your home. These are very easy to recognize, since they’re basically balls made of whatever fibrous material mice have managed to find inside the premises. The materials used to create nests include everything from paper to fiberglass insulation. You’ll also be able to recognize them by droppings you’ll find in or around them. If you don’t know where to look for the mice, here’s a list of places they’re probably hiding.

Most Common Hiding Places for Mice

Just when you think that a cold weather has driven all the pests away, you notice mouse traces in your home. Just about half of all rodent problems happen during this time of year because these pests are looking for a warm shelter to spend their winter. Mice are hard to get rid of once they settle inside your home. These rodents also transmit dangerous diseases so you really don’t want them in your home. If you hear awkward sounds coming from your walls during the night, you may have these unwelcomed guests. To prevent infestation, you need to find READ MORE »

How to Sterilize After a Mouse Infestation

Mice usually leave between more than 50 droppings per day as they explore around our homes. But, they also leave urine traces everywhere they run. You can find these signs of mice anywhere in your house, including the places where you prepare your food. This can be very dangerous, especially if you have children or pets in your household. Mice are well-known as pests who carry dangerous diseases like hantavirus and salmonella. When a professional manages to exterminate mice from your household, you also need to sterilize your house properly.

Why a Rodent Infestation is Dangerous for Children

Rodents living in your attic, basement, or walls are more than just an annoyance, they can also be responsible for the transmission of a number of diseases. It takes just a quarter-sized opening for rodents to find a way into your home. Kitchens, garages, and attics are their favorite nesting spaces. They live in groups and are capable of breeding very quickly. If you do have an infestation you should contact a professional immediately because these pests are dangerous for your children.

How to tell the Difference Between a Mouse and a R ...

To prevent infestation of mice or rats, you need to know some basic things about rodent control. Especially, if you are not sure whether you are dealing with mice or rats. They both belong to the rodent family, but they have unique sets of characteristics. Here are some basic differences between a mouse and a rat.

7 Tips for Effective Outdoor Mice Control

Having mice in your yard is both a nuisance and a health hazard. These pests can cause property damage, so it’s for the best to keep them far away from your home. When the weather gets cold, they start searching for a warm place to find shelter, so it’s important to do an outdoor mouse inspection. This is the only way to prevent them from finding a place in your home. In addition, removing rodents from your home can be a hassle.

All About Rodents: The Norway Rat

The Norway rat, Rattus norvegicus, also known as a street rat, brown rat, or sewer rat, is one of the most common and well-known species of rat. Although Norway rats were originally from China, today they can be found in nearly every part of the world and are most commonly found in urban areas. The name Norway rat is still in use today, although it has been known since the 20th century that their origin country is not Norway. They live wherever there is any type of food and shelter, from crowded city buildings and subways to fields of corn READ MORE »

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