A Reminder About Mice and Rats

Happy New Year! As we begin 2014, January is a month that commercial and residential properties need to be aware of rodents. Mice and rats thrive off the shelter of our homes and offices during the winter months, with January being at the peak of rodent season. Here are a few things to remember about mice: They reproduce quickly One mouse/rat can easily turn into 12 – or more! What’s worse? Mice that invade homes will continue to be a problem as long as food and shelter will allow. It’s okay to use common home elimination practices, but contacting Aerex READ MORE »

Could Your Car be a Rodent's Next Meal?

If you’ve never thought of your vehicle as a food source, chances are you’re among the majority of car-owners. But over the past decade, car manufacturers started replacing petroleum with soy to make a variety of auto parts, allowing mice and rats to enjoy a new type of food. Tires, wiring harness covers, seat cushion foam, interior carpeting, trim, wire insulation and equipment panels can all be tasty treats for hungry rodents. Mice, rats and maybe even squirrels could see your vehicle as an irresistible feast – which could result in costly and dangerous damages. While our specialties are commercial READ MORE »

Winter Pests

There’s no doubt summer is the prime season for pests. Insects are abundant, and flies and mosquitos buzz freely in your home through open doors and windows. Rodents, including rats and mice, roam around lawns, streets and fields. In turn, Aerex Pest Control receives hundreds – thousands – of calls between May and September. Although we see the majority of pest problems during summer, pests aren’t completely inactive in winter. In fact, the chill, cold and snow actually make pests even more likely to seek the warmth and shelter of homes and offices. So which pests should we be aware READ MORE »

EEEEEEK! Mice are Back for Fall and Winter

Every year Aerex gets countless calls about mice. But what is it about these tiny rodents that make us shriek? They’re small, furry, and actually kinda cute. But when we see them in our homes we tend to freak out. Maybe it’s their beady eyes. Perhaps it’s their scuttling. Or maybe it’s simply because whether we are aware of it or not, mice can pose a number of problems on our homes and health. Because mice produce large litters in a short amount of time, an infestation can mean big trouble for any home or business owner. While most mice READ MORE »

Pest Control and Property Management

Landlords and property managers have a lot at stake when it comes to keeping their properties free of pests and rodents. After all, consumers depend on property management firms to provide a pest-free environment. It’s imperative that they take the proper precautions to keep pests M.I.A. For example, if one apartment, hotel room, villa, condo etc has a pest invasion, it’s likely that the problem will surface in other living quarters as well. Tenants and customers should always report a pest problem of any type to property management immediately, to protect themselves and the safety of their neighbors. Commercial properties READ MORE »

Rats! We Have a Rat Problem

You know how Hollywood portrays mice as these scary creatures that cause people to scream and jump on top of furniture? Well, rats produce a similar reaction, but they are even bigger, harrier, and longer tailed rodents. The species of rat found around the Chicago and Wisconsin areas is the Norway Rat, although they originated in Asia centuries ago. They prefer fresh food, but will eat virtually anything – pet food, dog feces, garbage, plants – you name it. When food is particularly scarce, a rat may even eat the weakest of the pack or its young. If rats are READ MORE »

Mouse facts!

It seems like everyday we’re getting calls about mice; it’s that season after all!  Here are a few facts you may not know about mice.  Each winter, mice and other rodents invade an estimated 21 millions homes in the United States. In most cases, mice enter our homes between October and February, looking for food, water and shelter from the cold.  Speaking of food, mice eat between 15 and 20 times a day.  Despite their small bodies, they pack a big appetite!  They usually prefer to build their homes near a food source for easy access to snacking!  Because mice love READ MORE »

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