Handling Pest Complaints From Apartment Tenants

As a landlord, you have many problems to negotiate with your tenants. One of the most common complaints from a tenant is the need for pest control. Bugs and rodents come with their own sets of health and property damage problems, none of which are attractive for anyone in the apartment building. Let’s discuss commercial pest control and how to deal with tenant complaints about bugs and pests. The Complaint:  Listen, Acknowledge, and Act Quickly After a tenant makes a complaint about seeing a bug, rodent, or any pest in their living space, acknowledge their concerns. Maintaining a clean and READ MORE »

Chilly Pests: Which Bugs Can Survive the Cold?

Owning a home is often considered the singular most important way for Americans to accumulate wealth. To own a home is an exciting opportunity that comes with all sort of interesting options and projects to complete. Painting bedrooms, landscaping the yard, planting a garden–all of these are great things for new homeowners to do, and are also the focus of many new families when they move into their new abode. One thing that potential homeowners often don’t think about, is the potential for bugs and pests. While this is a thought for many current owners, it can escape the minds READ MORE »

Wintering Pests

We all know that when the winter comes, the bugs tend to disappear, but where do they go? Surely they don’t all die off; otherwise how would they come back in the spring? While many do only survive as a species by laying eggs in the ground that hatch once the weather comes up, quite a few actually do normally survive the winter. Here’s a few to look out for.

Bait or Trap? What's Best for Rodent Control

A lot of people have problems with rodents in their homes, offices, vacation houses or other places. As you might have guessed, there are a number of ways to get rid of these unwanted guests in your home. Two of the most popular methods are the bait and the trap method. The first one refers to the act of baiting mice or rats with a treat which contains poison, effectively killing them. The second method refers to trapping mice with a special rodent trap and removing them from your living area in that way. If you are unsure of what READ MORE »

Buying a Used Car in the Winter? Check for mice fi ...

If you’ve bought or are planning to buy a used car during the cold winter months, you should be aware of the potential danger of mice infestation. Rodent will gladly work their way to the warmest spot available, which could easily be the engine compartment of your new vehicle. This is especially true in cases of used car purchase when the vehicle in question has been left outdoors for a prolonged period of time. So instead of parking the car and leaving it be, follow these simple tips for mouse inspection and prevent any possible infestation.

Winter Pest Control: What to Watch Out For

If you think that all of your pest problems will end up as the winter approaches, that’s not necessarily the case. As the cold begins to move in, some winter pests might try to make their way in too as they will be looking for a warm place to survive the upcoming winter. When pests enter homes to overwinter during the fall, they can often go unnoticed. A proper pest control is the only way to prevent them, so here are some things you should know about winter pest control.

8 Best Mosquito Repellent Options

Whether you’re camping in the deep woods or having a BBQ in your backyard, mosquitoes can easily ruin everything. When you’re planning to spend any amount of time outside in the warmer months, especially later in the day, it will benefit you greatly if you protect yourself with some mosquito repellent. A mosquito repellent is a substance that’s applied to human skin or other surfaces in order to prevent these annoying pests from biting or coming around. How to Use Mosquito Repellent Mosquito repellents don’t kill these pests, they just help to make you or an area unattractive to mosquitoes. You should apply READ MORE »

Win a FREE Year of Pest Control Services!

Don’t wait. It’s not too late! Aerex Pest Control is holding a contest that will run through the end of April. Each week, Aerex will choose ONE winner who will receive FREE pest control services for an entire year. The catch? All you have to do is complete our Customer Sign Up. You’ll be glad you did! Sign up and be the first to know about current promotions, specials and deals at Aerex Pest Control! Congratulations to our winners! Last week’s winners were: Mr. Robinson from Chicago Mrs. Singer from Northbrook This week’s winner was: Mrs. Spitz from Buffalo Grove Next READ MORE »

Spring Brings Back Our 8-Legged Friends

Spring is the perfect time of year. The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, people are spending more time outdoors, and spiders are…everywhere. When the spring months roll around, humans aren’t the only creatures taking advantage of spring’s warmer weather. In fact, many species of spider wait for spring to start laying their eggs and venturing out into the world. While some spiders are completely harmless and do nothing more than give us the “creepy crawlies” some can be poisonous and harmful to humans. This spring, keep an eye out for these common spiders found in homes and commercial buildings. READ MORE »

Those Blood Hounds! Crawling Insects: Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are about half a centimeter long with a flattened, oval shaped body and are light brown in color. They are nocturnal insects that hide in cracks and crevices in the walls, in the seams of mattresses and under, behind and in cracks in the furniture. Dark stains at the edges of the mattress, caused by the bed bug excreta, accompanied by unpleasant odor are a sure sign of infestation. Bed bugs can be very dangerous pests considering their blood-feeding nature. Although they do not carry any diseases as such, constant bug bites are not only annoying but also READ MORE »

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