Check For Mice When Buying a Used Car


More affordable and often just as reliable as a brand new vehicle, a used car is the top option for many motorists. When looking for a new car, most of us worry about the vehicle’s mechanical soundness. However, when buying a used car in winter, did you know that you should be on the lookout for a mice infestation? In the cold months, rodents and other small animals will look for warmth and shelter where they can, including the plush sections of the vehicle’s interior and the engine compartment. This is most common in used cars kept outside, but can occur when parked in infested garages too. In this article we’ll be looking at how to check your used car for rodent activity, avoid purchasing an infested car, as well as some practical mouse control tips. 

  1. Pop the Hood: In more obvious cases you can check for infestation by popping your hood. If the infestation is bad, you’ll usually be able to hear or see them. 
  2. Droppings and Bites: Mice are destructive animals and will leave signs of their presence even if they themselves cannot be seen. Thoroughly inspect under your hood for signs of damage or activity. Key signs are mouse droppings or urine within the engine system as well as bite marks. Pay particular attention to the wiring of your vehicle, as mice particularly love to chomp on these. The interior of your car may also show signs of droppings too. 
  3. Remove Food: We’re all guilty of letting our cars become trash cans, but to prevent infestation you should make sure to clear your vehicle of all wrappers and food to prevent your car from becoming a mouse buffet! Vacuum any crumbs in the foot wells and seats too.
  4. Inspect your Garage: Garages are the perfect home for mice. There are often easy points of access, plenty of warm hiding spaces, and food too. Garages often see less foot traffic than other parts of the home, which means that the mice are less likely to be caught or disturbed. Left in peace, your garage can quickly become a prime breeding ground. As your car is still warm when it sits in your garage, it can become a beacon for the rodents in your garage. To prevent this, remove all hiding spaces and block any potential points of entry. 
  5. Blockade the Engine Compartment: Keeping mice away from your engine can be challenging, but can be achieved by blocking the entrances to your engine compartment such as through using wire and screens. You can also use substances which are off-putting to mice. However, it is important to seek advice from your mechanic as to the best methods to use for your vehicle, as you don’t want to end up damaging your car!

Seek Remediation
If you notice a more severe or widespread infestation and are unable to curtail or contain the issue yourself, then it is important seek professional remediation as soon as possible. Calling in professional pest controllers for mice control should be done without delay to prevent the issue from getting worse, and ensuring the health of your vehicle isn’t compromised by rodent infestation. 

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