Chilly Bugs

stink bug controlWhen the temperatures start dropping and the snow starts following, many homeowners breathe a sigh of relief, thinking they get a few months off of worrying about the annoying and sometimes destructive pests that plague the warmer months. However, it might shock you to learn that some insects are just as active throughout the winter as they are the rest of the year. Read on to learn about which insects you should be concerned about through the winter.

Survival of the Warmest

Before we start with winter-loving bugs, we need to address one myth — few bugs just die off when the weather gets cold. Those that do are sure to leave their eggs behind at the very least, and those survive the winter just fine.  While not all insects are capable of carrying on as usual throughout the winter, each has adapted to the change in weather in different ways. Some, like certain breeds of butterflies, migrate to warmer climates, while others, like ladybugs, find a safe place and “shut down” for the winter in a sort of insect hibernation called diapause.

Tough Bugs

For each bug that hibernates or migrates, there’s also one that sticks it out through the winter. Below are some of those to look out for, along with how to avoid an infestation.

  • Termites: These pests tend to live underground and in home, affording them a level of protection from the winter weather. To help prevent them from settling in your home, eliminate all sources of moisture like clogged gutters or plumbing leaks, and remove any mulch or lumber piles from near your home. If you find wood that has been chewed through, call a pest control professional right away.
  • Bed bugs: Easy to get and hard to get rid of, bedbugs are dreaded by homeowners everywhere. To help prevent these, carefully check hotel rooms when traveling to avoid bringing them home with you. These should only be treated by a trained professional if found.
  • Stink bugs: Stink bugs are commonly seen making their way into homes throughout the fall and can be found through winter. To avoid these annoying pests, resist the urge to decorate with pumpkins and other gourds — stinkbugs love to eat them, and will likely try to move into your home when they’re done having dinner on your front porch display.

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