Chilly Pests: Which Bugs Can Survive the Cold?

Owning a home is often considered the singular most important way for Americans to accumulate wealth. To own a home is an exciting opportunity that comes with all sort of interesting options and projects to complete. Painting bedrooms, landscaping the yard, planting a garden–all of these are great things for new homeowners to do, and are also the focus of many new families when they move into their new abode.

One thing that potential homeowners often don’t think about, is the potential for bugs and pests. While this is a thought for many current owners, it can escape the minds of those excited to buy. But as an experienced homeowner will tell you–once the weather gets cold, they take a deep breath and relax, because they know that bug season has passed and they have a few months of relief.

However, not all bugs are scared away by the cold weather.

What kinds of bugs can survive?

In the winter time, it’s rare to see bugs out and about. This may not be as true in areas of the country that face colder and harsher winters, unlike the Southern states, Florida, or other areas closer to the equator, but areas like the Northeast, Midwest, and Pacific-Northwest often face winters that can be cold and severe. Few bugs can make it through this kind of climate, and have adapted with measures to protect themselves. Some do die, but others, such as butterflies, migrate. Others, though, can use the warmth of a house (possibly yours) to stay safe during the cold winter months.
One common bug that tries to stay warm through the winter in your house are bed bugs. These little guys are a real pain, and have plagued homes, motels, and beds for ages. They are notoriously easy to get, but they are often extremely difficult to get read of. The most common way to pick these little guys up is when you visit a place like a hotel or motel–so make sure to check those beds carefully to prevent bringing them back into the house.

Stink bugs often try and migrate into houses during fall, as the weather gets colder. They are often attracted by things like carved Halloween pumpkins, so take that into consideration as you decorate your front porch.

Other bugs such as bees, ladybugs, and ants are known to hibernate through the winter, staying hidden underground or in warm places until the weather warms up enough for them to survive outside once more.

What To Do About Bugs

Ultimately, there is no perfect way to protect your house from bugs throughout the winter. However, you can be proactive in making your house and yard a less attractive place for the little guys and take appropriate steps. For assistance in helping pest-proof your home, call a pest control professional who can help you protect your property.

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