Cleaning Your Home During a Mouse Infestation

owls for mouse controlWhether you hate them or think they’re kind of cute, having an errant mouse or mice in your home is not ideal. Causing all manner of problems such as damage and contamination, fighting off an infestation can be a chore. In this article we’ll be offering some useful pest control tips and tricks to help you, with the aid of a professional, fight the problem.

Act Fast
There’s no denying, when a problem arises, many of us prefer to bury our heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist, it’s simply human nature. However, in order to get on top of a pest control issue, you must act fast, as infesting creatures are usually quick to multiply. In the case of a mouse infestation, get advice from a pest control professional, and get to work as quickly as possible, to stop matters becoming out of hand.

A Clean Home is a Safe Home
Your biggest weapon against a mouse infestation, while you wait for the aid of a professional, is targeted cleaning. Knowing what to look for, and how to deal with it safely is a must. Rats and mice are breeding grounds for disease, and their droppings, otherwise known as scat, can harbour all kinds of airborne nasties. Therefore, having the right tools before you attempt any kind of clean up operation is key. Always handle droppings with gloves, and, if you’re particularly susceptible to illnesses, wear a respiratory mask also.

Dealing with Droppings
The main thing you’ll encounter when dealing with a mouse-based pest control problem is droppings. Upon finding these, your first instinct is probably to pounce on them immediately, however, due to the amount of germs mouse scat is host to, its best to let the area air for half an hour to minimize risk.

Once the allotted time has passed, spray the droppings or urine with bleach mixed with water, a 1:10 ratio is best, and let this soak in for around fifteen minutes. When the scat has been soaked long enough, you can pick it up or wipe it away using a paper towel, being sure you are wearing gloves when doing this

Kitchen Inspection
As it is the main source of food in your home, naturally, one of the main hot-spots for mice infestation is the kitchen. To help combat this, make sure all countertop items are removed from the walls, as mice could be hiding there. If possible, for the duration of the pest control issue, keep your countertops entirely clean, so any intrepid invaders can immediately be spotted and dealt with.

It is also wise to go through your cupboards and pantry, to check for signs of mice activity. Make sure opened goods are well sealed, and check the corners of boxes for bite marks. If you find any evidence, dispose of the contaminated food item, and disinfect the cupboard in question. Following these two tips should make your kitchen less appealing to your unwanted guests.

Final Thoughts
Overall, a mouse infestation is relatively easy to remedy, but treatments should always be advised and carried out by a professional pest controller. The tips above are to help reduce contamination and spread, but will not get to the heart of the problem; that job should be reserved for the professionals alone.

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