Cockroach-Proof Your Home

cockroachThe first thing we need to get out there is that this title is a bit misleading — there really is no way to completely guarantee that cockroaches won’t find your home. They’re known as survivors for a reason; if they need food and shelter and can’t find a more convenient source, they can almost always find a way in, and they breed fast. However, you can definitely make your home a less likely target with the right knowledge and a little preparation.

How Cockroaches Survive…

A cockroach’s needs are simple: food, water, and a dark place to hide. Eliminating these three elements in your home is a vital step in pest prevention. When it comes to food, the slightest crumb can be a feast for multiple pests. A crumb is easy enough to find in any kitchen. Think about what’s around and underneath your large appliances — it’s next to impossible to clean under most stoves and refrigerators, and they harbor a host of food particles that’s likely been dripped, dropped, and scattered underneath. It’s important to thoroughly clean those areas as often as possible. It’s also important to wash all dishes after every meal to avoid food particles lingering in the sink, and to sweep or vacuum the kitchen every night. Avoid storing food in cardboard containers, as those are far too easy for pests to slink into.

The other two sources are a little easier and require less daily maintenance. For water, eliminate any dripping faucets and identify any sweating pipes you can take care of. Try to dry out your shower before bed and consider taking up any pet water dishes overnight. To remove roach hiding places, grab some caulk and take a walk around the house, filling in any visible holes both inside and out. Get rid of as many hiding spots and entry points as you can, with a special focus in kitchens and bathrooms. Look for gaps around pipes and light fixtures as well as areas where wall panels or window casings might not be perfectly fitted.

Repelling Cockroaches…

What cockroaches hate more than anything is being out in the open, exposed and in danger. That’s why they’re always depicted as scurrying — if you can see them, they’re not happy! You can take advantage of this fact by making an open zone around your house to discourage them from ever making it inside. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed back so that they don’t touch the outside walls, and turn your mulch regularly to help keep it mostly dry. Get rid of as much debris as possible, both inside and out, so they don’t have anywhere to hide.

On top of all these preventative steps, consider partnering with a professional pest control company. A pest control professional can point out any problem areas you might have missed, and can get you started on an ongoing preventative plan that takes care of any stray cockroaches that might find their way to the perimeter of your home.

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