Cockroaches: How Did They Get Here?

As soon as we see a cockroach in our home or office, we are immediately plagued with the stigma that the area is “dirty” or “unkempt.” Well, contrary to the popular belief that cockroaches only appear in messy spaces, they can actually be found in the cleanest of places. (However, keep in mind that a filthy area will extend their stay.)

How does this happen? In most situations, cockroaches are unknowingly picked up and brought back to our homes or offices. Similar to bed bugs, we can adopt cockroaches without even knowing it. Maybe an office you visited had an infestation and a cockroach crawled into your briefcase. Or perhaps one made its way into your paper grocery bag. No matter how a cockroach infestation happens, one thing is for sure: we don’t want anything to do with these six-legged creatures.

While adults can be very large, cockroaches are still able to crawl through tiny gaps, pipes and other open spaces – all they need is 0.15 centimeters. Going back to the myth that cockroaches only invade unsanitary areas, what they are actually looking for is nothing more than warmth, moisture and darkness (and maybe a little bit of food). That being said, cockroaches are a species that can thrive on very little – making them a widespread problem among households and commercial offices.

Not sure what type of roach is cramping your style? There are four types that typically appear in homes and offices throughout the United States:

German Cockroach: Often found around kitchens and bathrooms, this is the smallest type of cockroach.
Brown-banded Cockroach: This cockroach is also smaller compared to others, measuring in at just over half an inch. Like other roaches, they enjoy hot and dry regions.
Oriental Cockroach: This type of cockroach is on the large side – measuring about 1 inch in the adult stage. It is brown to black in color with a glossy finish and likes humid spaces.
American Cockroach: Commonly referred to as the “Palmetto Bug” these guys are often found in hot and humid conditions.

Once you’ve spotted a cockroach inside your home or office, getting to know their habits is your last concern. Instead, contact Aerex Pest Control – the only way to ensure these creatures are taken care of quickly, safely and indefinitely.

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