Commercial Pest Control in Stores: How to Handle a Complaint from a Customer

How to get rid of bugs in an office buildingIn the retail environment, the most important thing is your customers’ satisfaction and your reputation. But these can easily get damaged if you receive a complaint from a customer or a tenant regarding pest problems. That’s why you need a pest control provider that understands your specific needs. Pest control professionals provide commercial pest control services for office buildings, warehouse, storages, restaurant, bars, and stores. No matter what kind of business you have, it’s important to work with a good pest control professional. Here are a few recommendations to handle customer or tenant complaints regarding pest problems.

Who’s responsible for pest control, tenants or landlords?

A good landlord usually has a contract with a pest control service that maintains the structure. These arrangements should be included in the lease agreement because a landlord is responsible for maintaining livable conditions in a rental property. Tenants pay for pest control services if an infestation can be linked to tenant behavior. A pest exterminator can help the landlord determine the source of an infestation, so it’s easy to reveal who is going to be responsible for the bill. To prevent possible complaints you should consider adding a section about pest control into a lease agreement. The best way to handle tenant complaints regarding pest problems is to call a professional to determine what’s causing the infestation.

How to Handle a Complaint from a Customer?

  • Respond to the complaint quickly because you want to keep your customers as well as tenants happy.
  • Determine the type of pest that complaint involves.
  • Determine where the pest is coming from.
  • You should keep a record of all complaint with a date of the complaint, the type of the complaint, and the action you took to resolve the complaint.
  • Call a professional immediately.

Pests sightings can cause your business to lose customers, profit, and sales. It’s important to include a commercial pest control strategy into your business plan. Avoid complaints from customers and hire an experienced pest control company. Common retail industry pests are moths, beetles, rodents, and birds. Each pest requires different actions for effective removal and only a trained professional can remove infestations. Pest control professionals also provide programs specific to the individual business. Prepare your plan as a preventative measure so that it’s ready when you have to take action. 

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