Controlling Pests on Properties You Manage

RestaurantPreventative pest control is one of the most important tasks of a property management company, as a pest problem in one location – be it an apartment, hotel, condominium, office space, or any combination thereof – can lead to widespread disease and infestation throughout the property. Once a pest, from bug to mouse, enters a building, there’s nothing to stop them from multiplying, thriving, and taking over room by room. 

Chronic pest control problems will negatively impact your bottom line by driving down both your occupancy rate and your overall reputation. Thereby, preventing problems from occurring in the first place – and securing the situation immediately if they do – is crucial to keeping your property management reputation (and your job) intact. 

Preventative Pest Control

There are a couple of important steps that your pest control company will take to keep your managed properties pest-free. 

First, a qualified technician will regularly inspect the buildings in question for any signs of pest activity, such as feeding, breeding, and infrastructure degradation. If there are any concerns, the technician will work to resolve them immediately and identify potential risks. 

Next, the tech will advise property managers on effective steps to take to reduce these risks, such as taking action to:

  •     Keep all garbage in closed bins and throw all food waste down disposals 
  •     Trim all vegetation on rooftops, balconies, and grounds
  •     Maintaining outdoor water drains
  •     Keeping any basement and attic space dry, clean, and clear of debris
  •     Sealing any gaps between the floors and walls, crevices between cabinets and walls, and cracks between baseboards

Additionally, you may need to advise your residents on basic pest prevention tactics, such as to:

  •     Frequently clean meal preparations areas
  •     Wash dishes soon after use
  •     Seal food in airtight containers
  •     Keep their garbage in enclosed bins
  •     Throw food down disposals, if available
  •     Store fresh produce, especially fruit, in the fridge
  •     Inspect pipes for leaks
  •     Eliminate sources of standing water

Active Pest Control and Removal

If pests do make it onto the property via a tenant or lax property management, it’s critical to take action immediately and curb the infestation. Even a single room infested with bedbugs or cockroaches is one room too many. 

The first step is to identify the type and scope of the infestation, which determines the method and level of response.

Secondly, a targeted response must be developed. In some states and with some infestations, it’s possible to buy one of a number of sprays, traps, and other treatments yourself. However, in many cases it’s legally required to call pest control, especially for large-scale property management situations such as apartment buildings and hotels. 

Contacting Pest Control Professionals

Even in cases where it’s not legally required, it’s worth remembering that do-it-yourself treatments are rarely effective in pest control. While it may seem like you’ve taken care of the infestation immediately, even a small number of overlooked eggs or juveniles can grow into a huge problem. 

Therefore, calling a qualified, trusted pest control company is always recommended if you suspect you have a pest infestation. They are trained and prepared to handle your pest control woes from egg to adult and will be available for follow-up and further preventative measures to make sure your properties are pest-free. 

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