Could Your Car be a Rodent’s Next Meal?

If you’ve never thought of your vehicle as a food source, chances are you’re among the majority of car-owners. But over the past decade, car manufacturers started replacing petroleum with soy to make a variety of auto parts, allowing mice and rats to enjoy a new type of food.

Tires, wiring harness covers, seat cushion foam, interior carpeting, trim, wire insulation and equipment panels can all be tasty treats for hungry rodents. Mice, rats and maybe even squirrels could see your vehicle as an irresistible feast – which could result in costly and dangerous damages.

While our specialties are commercial and residential pest control, Aerex Pest Control loves to provide its customers with the best prevention tips to keep pests from entering your home or office (or car) in the first place. So, how do we prevent rodents from nibbling on our cars? We’ve come up with some simple preventative measures.

  • Prevent rodents from gaining access to your garage. Any crack, crevice or hole larger that 1/4-inch is big enough for entry.
  • Fill holes and cracks with materials that animals cannot chew through. Concrete mortar, sheet metal and hardware cloth will do the trick.
  • Seal holes around utility wires and pipes.
  • Repair broken windows, screens and doors, making sure they close tightly.
  • Install rubber sweep seals under the garage door(s).
  • Remove shelter, water and food suitable for rodents from around your home.
  • Keep firewood at least 18 inches above the ground and away from the side of your home.
  • Keep grass, weeds, shrubs, bushes and tree branches trimmed.
  • Clean up spilled bird feeder seeds, fallen fruits and nuts from the yard frequently.
  • Keep your garage free of water sources near vehicles, and remove clutter, food and water from inside your car.

We’re not a top Chicagoland Pest Control Company for nothing! If these prevention practices are not effective, contact Aerex Pest Control for proper pest inspection and removal. Our trained technicians are familiar with the characteristics and habits of rodents and will come up with a safe and effective plan.

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