Crickets: The Noisy House Pest

October: the month of ladybugs, boxelder bugs, spiders and… crickets? This might make you think twice about the mysterious night creature.

Crickets seem pretty harmless, right? Sure…when they’re outside. These insects who are fond of garbage dumps and can be heard chirping throughout the summer nights can become quite bothersome if invading interior spaces. So, when you start hearing the “chirp chirp” make sure it’s coming from outside and not your living room!

Outdoor Habits:
Crickets are often found in large numbers, sometimes by the thousand. They typically live outdoors and can be found near trash cans and electric lights. If you see a family of crickets outside around your home – be weary. They like to seek indoor spaces like houses and sheds when the cool weather approaches.

Indoor Habits:
Not everyone realizes that crickets can become a hazardous pest. They’re just those noisy critters we hear at night, right? Wrong. Crickets can actually be quite damaging to the home, especially clothing and carpeting, and is just one reason Aerex Pest Control receives numerous house calls each year. They love to feast on these materials, leaving behind damages and holes. They tend to feed on the surface of carpeting, leaving the area roughened from pulling fibers loose. This is definitely not ideal for the average homeowner!

What to Do:
Battling a pest problem on your own is always a tricky situation and doesn’t guarantee the best results. If you notice any signs of a cricket infestation in your home, calling a Chicago pest control company like Aerex is your best bet. Our technicians understand the behaviors of every pest we treat, and can come up with a solution to make your home pest free

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