Dealing With Pest Complaints in Commercial Stores


In retail, customer satisfaction and loyalty can make or break even the largest chains, having an impact on sales as well as business growth. While there are many reasons why your brand perception might be impacted, one scenario which can have a noticeable negative result is poor pest control resulting in infestation. After all, no customer wants to find flies around the fresh produce, or roaches roaming the aisles. Worse still, in a clothing store for example, no customer wants to find they’ve brought home a product which causes a lice, earwig, or bedbug infestation that they then have to pay to fix. And what about restaurants? Rodent activity and mouse droppings on the restaurant floor is certain to not only send customers running but may also result in investigations or even legal action. 

This is why seeking the advice of a professional commercial pest control expert is essential for all businesses both big and small. Pest control professionals will understand the specific needs of your company and will provide excellent pest control solutions for your office building, warehouse, storage spaces, restaurants, commercial kitchens, bars, stores, and even residential properties. This will help prevent infestation from occuring in the first place, but also means help is on hand quickly should a customer make a complaint.

Commercial Residential Pest Control: Who is Responsible?
Many respectable landlords will have a contract with their tennant which includes pest control. This information is usually included within the lease agreement, as it is the landlord’s responsibility for maintaining habitable conditions inside the rental property. Tenants should only be expected to pay pest control services if their habits (such as mess and low cleanliness) are to blame for the infestation.

A commercial pest control professional will be able to assess the root cause of the pest problem, which will easily reveal whether the culprit is the tenant or not. To avoid any complaints from your tenant, you should have a clearly outlined pest control section in your lease agreement to prevent confusion and being left footing the bill when the tenant is to blame. 

Commercial Pest Control: Handling Customers Complaints
Customer complaints regarding pest control problems should never be ignored, and all staff should be able to respond in the correct manner.

  • Respond to the complaint quickly (staff members should inform their manager as soon as possible). You should also respond to the customer in a polite and helpful manner to help maintain customer satisfaction.
  • Figure out the pest which is causing the issue.
  • Locate the source of the issue.
  • Record the complaint alongside the date and additional information about the complaint. Record your response to the complaint. 
  • Consult with a commercial pest control professional as soon as possible.

The impact of poor pest control can affect your business in many ways. Everything from reduced brand loyalty, negative reviews, low footfall, and sales decreases can all be caused by pest issues, which is why you should never delay in responding to a customer complaint. 

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