DIY or Professional Pest Control? When to Call the Pros.

iStock_000016838881XSmallAfter spotting an unwanted pest in your home, you may begin debating over whether to tackle the situation yourself or to hire a professional pest control service to handle the situation. In simple cases of very minor pest infestations that do not pose a danger to your family or your home, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. There are several variables to consider when making this choice, including: budget, knowledge, risk assessment, volume of the infestation, and the type of pest you are dealing with.

Consider Your Budget

If you have a minor pest problem, your first thought may be to just run to the store for a can of insect killer or a few traps. On average, getting a can of insect spray or traps from the grocery store can be cheaper than hiring a professional pest control service.

That being said, however, while the upfront costs are lower in DIY regiments, professional pest control companies use much higher quality products that also work proactively to keep pests from returning. Though the bill may be cheaper up front, you may end up paying significantly more in the long term by doing it yourself, especially if it is a harmful or destructive pest.

Understand What is Plaguing Your Home

You may think that you know exactly what vermin are invading your home, but oftentimes the pictures on the internet are not the final authority on identifying the pest in question. Highly qualified professional pest control workers are very knowledgeable in identifying the different species of bugs and rodents and understand the best treatment plan for ridding your home of current and future infestations. They are also available to give advice on prevention and answer any questions you may have regarding the pests or the treatment chemicals used in your home.

Assess the Risks and Liability Exterminator

Anytime you are dealing with chemicals, especially those designed to kill any species, you must consider the safety of your family members, pets, and plants. If you are using a DIY pest control method, be sure to do extensive research on specific chemicals and utilize natural-organic options, when appropriate. Researching all chemicals used in your pest control plan allows you to ensure the safety of all the living things in your home.

When choosing a professional pest control service, they take on the liability and responsibility for informing you of all risks to your family, plants, and animals. Read the contract thoroughly to ensure you are familiar with the liability limits. Prior to having the service completed, ask about the specific chemicals in your treatment plan. Do personal research about the chemicals and their safety among living things.

When should you contact a professional pest control service immediately?

There are definitely situations where skipping the DIY plan entirely and using professional pest control is essential and should be pursued with urgency. You should seek help at the first sign of pests that can be harmful to your family or damaging to your home, such as termites, bed bugs, wood ants, or any type of poisonous pest. If you only see one on your property, it is still imperative that you seek help — these pests rarely camp out alone. Additionally, when facing a particularly bad infestation of any type of pest, a professional should be called immediately as DIY pest control could be futile or even make things worse.

While DIY pest control may be effective in certain circumstances, utilizing a professional pest control service is usually the best option for most pest problems.

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