Should You DIY Your Pest Control?

how to prevent bed bugs from coming home from schoolThere’s no doubt about it, the USA is a land of ‘professional DIY’ers’, and with the cost of living ever increasing, who can blame us for saving some cents with a little hard graft? But when it comes to pest control, it may be better to be safe than sorry, and hire the professionals. In this article we’ll be looking at five key reasons why you just might want to put the toolbox away, in regards to pest control within your home.

When you pay for a professional, you’re paying for their expertise, gained after years of cleaning homes of all manner of nasties. Doing the job yourself without experience will probably result in sub-par or even non-existent results. You may be using the wrong treatment for the wrong pest, or applying it incorrectly. This could result in multiple purchases of treatments which will soon rack up costs.

Proper pest control requires the correct equipment. The type of infestation you have within your home, may require equipment that costs not just hundreds, but often thousands of dollars. It also goes without saying that using any equipment, without the proper knowledge of its operation, is a recipe for disaster. So to avoid finding yourself sitting in the emergency room with an empty wallet, it may be best to call in the professionals.

All of us have discarded DIY projects around our home, whether its grouting that you swore you’d replace last year, or a half built shed started last summer, we all have proverbial skeletons in our DIY closets. A pest control problem however, can be a very time critical issue. Depending on the nature of the infestation, more and more damage can be done each hour, and the problem can spread throughout your home like wildfire, leaving you with a bigger and bigger mountain to climb. A pest control professional understands this, and can work quickly and efficiently to first stop the spread, and then tackle the problem effectively at its source, saving you the time and hassle.

One of the key factors in successful removal of pests from your home is knowing what you’re fighting. There is no kill-all treatment for all the types of roaches commonly found in homes for example, so being able to select the right removal option is important. I imagine very few of us can name and identify the many types of insects that can infest our homes, so maybe it’s best leaving it to someone who can.

Overall, the main reason why you should be calling up a professional as soon as you identify a pest problem is you and your families health. Some pests may be harmful to you, especially if you have allergies, and others require more aggressive treatments to remove. These treatments may require you to vacate your home while they’re being undertaken – something the average person may not know, which could hold disastrous results for not only them, but their family.

Final Thoughts
In general, pest control is really not something which should be attempted by anyone except trained professionals. Resorting to DIY options can be costly, dangerous, and ineffective, so for complete peace of mind and great first time pest removal and cleaning results, its best to dial the professionals at the first sign of trouble.

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