Do Mosquito Traps Actually Work?

mosquito control and the zika virusDealing with mosquitos can be a tiresome task, especially during the most humid times of year. But since these tiny creatures are so aggravating, we humans spare no effort in getting rid of them. That’s why there are countless recipes for remedies that promise to protect you from having your skin attacked by mosquitos. They’re usually not as efficient as one would like them to be, which is why you should research each recipe before you decide to go to the trouble of making it. To help you save time, we bring you the reviews on some of the most popular methods.

Does the mosquito yeast trap work?  This trap is fairly easy to make. You need a two-liter plastic bottle, some yeast and some brown sugar. In order to make it, cut the bottle in half and fill the lower half with the mixture made from yeast and sugar. Place the upper half in the lower one so that the bottle neck is facing down. And that’s it! This is supposed to attract and kill any mosquito that comes near you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It will get some of the insects stuck inside the bottle, but that’s about it.

Do the mosquito repellent sticks work?  Have you ever used incense sticks? If you have, you know that they’re capable of producing heavy fumes. What if they could be used to kill or at least repel mosquitos? This particular homemade remedy is made using dried leaves and oil of the Pongamia Pinneta tree, as well as a small percentage of Neem oil. In order to make it, mix 2% of both oils with a bunch of leaves. You should be able to form sticks and then light them to repel the mosquitos. Unfortunately, it’s not as efficient as it should be – it makes the pests bite you less, but you won’t make it without scratching.

Does the mosquito trap work? The mosquito trap will draw the insects in and drown them. If you leave it for a while, you’ll find a variety of bugs floating on the surface, but chances are you won’t be able to go through the night without waving a live mosquito or two away.

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