Don’t Let Bed Bugs Ruin Your Spring Break Vacation

Traveling for spring break? Keep in mind the little guys that you don’t want tagging along…or following you back home.

Bed Bugs are known for being successful hitchhikers, and can be easily transferred on trains, planes and buses. They can also be found on furniture in hotels and resorts across the country – regardless of a 5-star rating. To ensure that your spring vacation remains bed bug free, follow these guidelines for pest free traveling.

1. Know What You’re Dealing With
You know what they say…knowledge is power. The best weapon against bed bugs is knowing their habits and how to identify them. Take a look at Aerex’s short article about bed bugs and how to know if they could be a problem in your home.

2. Inspect Hotel Rooms
Check reviews of any hotel before booking. Make note of any pest problems in the past. If there have been previous reports, contact the hotel to ensure the issue(s) has been resolved. Keep your luggage outside of the room until you have completed a thorough inspection. Bring a small flashlight and check the beds, sheets, furniture and carpet. Look for dark specs, egg casings and blood spots. Notify hotel management immediately if you notice anything suspicious. Help other travelers and report bed bug findings to

3. Be Careful with Your Luggage
If the room is clear, bring in your luggage but keep it off the floor and furniture. We recommend investing in a portable luggage stand. The bathtub or shower stall is another option. Be aware of the distance your luggage is from the bed or other furniture. Bed bugs tend to harbor about five feet from where humans sleep. For extra protection, place your clothing in sealed plastic bags.

4. Be Wary of Public Transportation
Hold bags on your lap instead of storing them in trunks or luggage compartments whenever possible.

5. Launder Your Clothes When You Return Home
Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. Laundering clothes at a high heat for at least 30 minutes is the best way to ensure bed bugs don’t invade your home. High heat kills bed bugs – but time is a big factor. 30 minutes or more should get the job done. Make sure to not overload the dryer. The heat needs to touch every inch of clothing. Too many clothes could miss some of the bugs.

Everyone needs some time away. Don’t let bed bugs take away the fun of spring break vacation. Should you happen to bring some critters back home, Aerex Pest Control is known for effective bed bug treatments.

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