Earwig Facts, Prevention & Elimination

Earwigs: small, slimy-looking, and fast moving. They will most likely pop out of a dark place when you are least expecting it, ensuing both fear and repulsion. But where do these creepy insects come from? Where do they like to dwell? How can we get rid of them?

First things first. A lot of people associate the bug “earwig” with actually crawling inside ears. So, do earwigs really lay eggs in our ears? Even more troubling, can they enter our brain? The answer is a firm ‘no.’ While humans have long associated earwigs with entering our ears, this actually is quite rare. In fact, it will probably never happen.

Where they hide:
That being said, it is true that earwigs prefer moist, dark hiding places. Homeowners often find them in areas where there is water, including kitchens, bathrooms and laundry areas. They can also find their way into bedrooms, family rooms and other areas of the home if left untreated.

Prevention & Elimination:
The first step in preventing earwigs is eliminating their preferred habitats. If this step is ignored, over-the-counter insecticides are unlikely to solve the problem. A Chicago pest control company like Aerex has the products, equipment and knowledge to control earwigs effectively. In the meantime, practice these earwig prevention tactics.

  • Keep areas around the foundation of your house, garden, and under pots and stones as dry as possible.
  • Move timbers, logs, decorative stones and firewood away from the home.
  • Eliminate mulch, dead leaves and other organic material.
  • Trim trees, bushes and shrubs that create shady or damp areas near the house.
  • Make sure gutters and downspouts drain away from the foundation.
  • Irrigate in the morning so the landscape has time to dry during the day.

Did you know?
There are over 2,00 different species of earwigs in the world.
There are more than twenty species of earwigs in the United States.
According to experts, earwigs ensue fear because of the pincers on their backs.
They produce a foul-smelling liquid for self defense.
Earwigs are attracted to lights, often becoming a nuisance on porches and patios during the summer.

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