Enjoy Pest Free Summer Barbecues!

BBQGrillNothing says summer like a backyard BBQ. So when you’re manning the grill, you want to make sure pests aren’t getting in the way of your culinary creations – particularly flies. The last thing you want is a swarm of flies landing on your food! To help reduce flies around your deck, patio or grill:

  • Keep all plates, utensils and food covered until it’s ready to be used.
  • Keep grill lids closed and open only to check the food.
  • Remove all sources of standing water around your home (bird baths, kiddie pools, etc).
  • Don’t overwater your yard. Too much precipitation is a direct invitation for flies. Implement a schedule for sprinklers for less frequent watering.
  • Make sure trash cans are sealed with tightly fitted lids, and keep them away from the grill, deck and patio.
  • Always clean up after your pets! Standing animal droppings are a fly’s paradise.
  • Position a fan near the grill. A gentle breeze over the cooking area will keep flies at bay.
  • Use yellow lightbulbs for outdoor lighting. Many flying insects cannot perceive wavelengths of yellow and will not be attracted to the light.
  • Face exterior lighting away from the grill and seating areas.

Summer just wouldn’t be the same without a few BBQs. Don’t let flies get in the way of a perfect summer night with family and friends. Call Aerex Pest Control if flies are becoming a problem around your home. Our pest professionals will examine the area and create a safe and effective strategy for pest removal.

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