FA(P)Q: Frequently Asked Pest Questions

There is arguably no worse nuisance than pests. Regardless of whether they are rodents, spiders, insects, reptiles, or something else, a pest infestation is an annoyance that everyone hates dealing with. It can be frustrating to think your house is clean and then have various pests constantly appearing.

In many instances of infestations, it is best to call pest control. However, the problem is often small enough to be fixed and is simply the result of a lack of knowledge surrounding pests. For that reason, we decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about pests.

How Are They Getting in My Home?

Any hole or opening in the wall of your house is fair game for pests. There’s a number of potential areas they could be entering from, so try to locate the source. If your pests are ants then this will be a simple task. Otherwise, try to locate where the majority of the pests are when found and search around that area. Additionally, holes in your window screens are another source they may emerge from and it’s best to secure those spots.

Why Have They Come into My Home?

A lot of people think that having pests in their homes is a sign of a dirty house. Truthfully, a large number of pests move inside solely because they are seeking shelter. If the inside of your house is better than what’s outside, you can still have an infestation problem regardless of how spotless your house may be. 

Are Pests Dangerous?

Most pests are completely harmless and are far more scared of you than you are of them. With that said, larger pests such as rodents can carry diseases that could be harmful if you are bitten. Even though they probably aren’t dangerous, it is still best to remove pests from your home quickly.

How Can I Keep Pests Away?

Trim the lawn areas around your windows and try not to leave food near any doors or openings to the house. This will help to keep larger pests away. Smaller pests will probably still find a way to enter your house, but staying vigilant is the best way to keep them out. If you are able to locate where some of the pests are entering from, spraying the area with bug spray or setting traps is a great way to stop the infestation.

When it comes to a pest infestation, it’s always a good idea to consider calling pest control. Some rodents can be dangerous to go near and professionals can solve this problem for you safely. If your problem is smaller pests such as ants, then simply spraying the areas they come from may be enough to solve the problem and stop more from entering the house. 

Regardless, pest infestations can be distressing but are usually quick problems to solve. If you ever believe you have a serious infestation, call the professionals to get your house cleared and back to normal.


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