Get ready to have your house invaded. Crawling Insects: Clover Mites

These are tiny, poppy seed sized reddish arachnids that can be found all over the U.S. They thrive in warm humid structures around homes. The problems with clover mites started to take surface during the years post World War II. With the great housing boom on the go, residents started including landscaping and plants in their houses to add a nice, warm look to their homes. While this did work on the aesthetic side, it also introduced environments susceptible to infestation by insects and other creatures.

Clover mites are considered as pests for a number of reasons. They live in the cracks and crevices and other voids in the walls or in the siding and remain unnoticed for long periods. They use this time to reproduce and multiply their numbers, feeding on foods from areas that go unnoticed. Once their number increases a maximum point, they migrate to other locations. Although they are essentially harmless to man and property, the sheer number of them residing in your house will give you enough reason to want to get rid of them. Controlling clover mites can be done with frequent vacuuming although it works very slowly. The Aerex technicians, with their expertise in the understanding of the behavior of the clover mites, will help you get rid of the invasion.

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