Got Mice? Get Owls.

owls for mouse controlIf you’re facing a rodent problem outdoors and you’re wary of them making their way inside, you might want to think about another option before going straight for any DIY methods. For general mice control and prevention, one of our suggestions is to make your yard owl friendly. Owls are natural predators of mice and eat them daily. Attracting more owls to your yard and having more of them around can do wonders in helping to keep the rodent population in check and keeping your home from becoming infested.

Owls you Want to Attract

There are more than 200 species of owls throughout the world, but only a few are comfortable nesting in your backyard. The most common yard owls include the barn owl, great horned owl, barred owl, western screech owl, and eastern screech owl. The great horned owl is useful for large rodents and even snakes. The barn owl is the most common garden owl. These birds are smaller, about the size of a cat. They love to eat dozens of mice, rats, and other small rodents.

How to Attract Owls

To make your yard owl-friendly you need to provide their four basic needs: food, water, a shelter, and a nesting place.


Owls are birds of prey. They must kill other animals to survive. The main food largely depends on the species of owl. Barn owls eat mice and voles, so birders who have mice problems are more likely to attract owls.


Owls get the majority of the water they need from the prey they consume. However, in hotter climates, owls may visit slightly deeper and larger birdbaths to drink. If you want to encourage them to visit, install this type of water source in your yard.


Owls usually store supplies of food in a cache. This may be in their nest or a tree hole. They nest in mature trees with good roots, preferably in shaded areas. Providing them a natural shelter where they feel safe is the best way to encourage them to nest.

Nesting Site

Barn owls may use abandoned buildings for their nest. If you want to attract them to your yard, leaving a barn or a shed open for them to access can also give them a great place to create their nest. Usually, homeowners use nesting boxes to attract barn owls. These boxes should be positioned 10-15 feet above the ground on a large tree. Nesting boxes should be put up in January to February. You can build one by yourself from plywood or you can simply buy a large nesting box.

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