Bookworms, literally. Crawling Insects: Silverfish

Silverfish are insects with long, flat bodies that have scales covering them. On their heads, they carry two long and slender antennae and at the back are three slender appendages. The long antennae and the thin, long legs give these creatures the nickname of ‘bristletails.’ Silverfish are around half an inch in length are pearl-gray or silver in color. They are major household pests because of their tendency to devour paper, book bindings, fabrics, wallpapers, leather and even wheat flour. They take shelter in the cool, damp places of the house, like the laundry room and basement.

While sanitation can be important in getting rid of silverfish, it is not very effective considering the fact they reside in the wall partitions, in paper and books, under insulation material and in other areas that are not really reachable. It would, however, be a good idea to get rid of old stacks of papers, magazines, newspaper, fabrics and books from time to time. It also helps to use fans and dehumidifiers to reduce the level of relative humidity in the house. Eliminate the dampness in the laundry area and ensure that all leaks in the plumbing are repaired. You could force the silverfish out to areas that are more controllable by lighting the dark, dingy areas. Maintaining good sanitation is the only way of avoiding a re-infestation after elimination of infestation. Aerex offers control programs for elimination of silverfish, based on the expertise in understanding their behaviors and habits.

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