Gutter-Dwelling Pests

how to get rid of bugs in an apartment buildingWe all take care to keep pests from getting in our homes; we take out the trash, clean our houses, and rest confidently in the fact that our homes are safe. But how much thought do we give to other, hidden pests like the ones hiding in our gutters? If this is a risk you haven’t often considered, it may be helpful to take a look at this list of potential pests that could be hiding in your gutters and what to do about them. But first, let’s take a look at why you might find pests in your gutters in the first place.

Why do Gutters Attract Pests?

Gutters attract pests because they’re full of things like pooled water, piles of leaves, and bugs that make an inviting habitat for common neighborhood pests. This can also create other problems like mold and residual water damage, so for a variety of reasons, the condition of your gutters is an oft-ignored thing you’ll want to frequently inspect.

What Kinds of Pests Are in Your Gutters?

Though the types of pests hiding in your gutters may vary depending on your region and the problems unique to your gutter, these are the most common types of pests you’re likely to find.


Rodents are probably the most common pests and the one you’d most expect to find, but they’re still no fun to have around whether you’re worried about the diseases they may carry or the fact that they breed at an alarming rate, causing an infestation in no time.


Bees are fantastic for the environment, but not so great to have trapped in your gutter. Bees enjoy the moist environment typically found in gutters, and once established in your gutters, they can build nests that are meant to last. Be especially careful if you have an aggressive type of bee, like wasps and hornets, as these are not only aggressive about defending their nests—they also tend to build heavy nests that can weigh down your gutters and damage your home.



Your gutters are prone to collecting water and allowing it to stagnate, and mosquitoes love nothing more. These bite-sized pests are attracted to water and can set up colonies in your gutters without speedy intervention.

While some of these pests can be quickly and efficiently dealt with on your own, for peace of mind, it may be best to reach out to a pest control expert in your area. And if you’re interested in a long-term solution, gutter covers—or a gutter repair specialist—might be a good call as well!

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