Handling Pest Complaints From Apartment Tenants

As a landlord, you have many problems to negotiate with your tenants. One of the most common complaints from a tenant is the need for pest control. Bugs and rodents come with their own sets of health and property damage problems, none of which are attractive for anyone in the apartment building. Let’s discuss commercial pest control and how to deal with tenant complaints about bugs and pests.

The Complaint:  Listen, Acknowledge, and Act Quickly

After a tenant makes a complaint about seeing a bug, rodent, or any pest in their living space, acknowledge their concerns. Maintaining a clean and safe environment for your tenants is paramount to being a conscientious landlord. No one wants to live with roaches, mice, or spiders.

If the complainant has small children or elderly living with them, their concerns are probably heightened. Most tenants realize that if they see one mouse, there’s more hiding in the background. Fleas, rodents, and roaches are well documented carriers of diseases. Tenants will want immediate action, so it is important to be prepared.

Tell the tenant that you will make calls to a commercial pest control service that day. Don’t wait. Infestations happen quickly. If someone already has a complaint, the issue has already become a problem; it is just not beginning to show itself.

The Problem:  What, Where, and How Many?

There are important questions a landlord needs to ask before calling a commercial pest service. The tenant will have valuable information such what type of pest they encountered. Often, it is the residual droppings that tips a tenant off to a pest problem. A landlord needs to ask if they saw a roach or roaches. Did they see a mouse or hear something rummaging around in a cabinet one night? Was there a line of ants making a trail towards something or was it a random ant or two aimlessly wandering on a counter? Documenting these instances will be valuable information when making a call to a commercial pest control agency.

The Fix:  Extermination, Repair, and Prevention

After calling a commercial pest control service, the agency will treat the tenant’s dwelling. Landlords need to keep records of which apartments were treated on what date. Documenting the type of problem, the treatment, and the cost are all important factors in keeping track of the problem and the solution.

Landlords can also request a visual inspection in tandem the commercial pest control service, looking for exposed areas on property grounds. Rotting wood and cracks in the foundation can be entry points for pests of all types. Sealing and repairing these entry points will prevent exposure to new pests and problems in the future. These areas can also be treated with pest prevention measures.

Lastly, as a landlord, you may need to speak with your tenant about preventative steps within their apartment to prevent re-infestation. Putting foods away in sealed storage, cleaning crumbs off counters, and vacuuming regularly can go a long way towards keeping pest from returning. This can be a hard conversation to have with a tenant. However, holding them partially accountable for pest control is an important component of a pest-free building.

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