Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted here!  Happy New Year to all our customers, friends, and family.  2011 was a good year for Aerex, but we’re of course looking for 2012 to be an even better year.   We hope it’s a great year for all of you as well!

If you’ve used our outdoor services in the past, you should have received a prepay mailer to take advantage of discount prices before the warm weather arrives.  We’ve been seeing pretty good results with those being sent back; thank you!  You have until March 15th, 2012 to send those in.  If you happened to receive one that was not on letterhead, and did not have a return envelope…we apologize!  Our printer made a mistake sending those out in that fashion.  They are rerunning that mailer, so if you want to wait on sending it back, you will receive a new one with a return envelope.  We’re getting a lot of calls about it, so we apologize about the confusion.

In other news, we’re working on some exciting updates to our Aerex system that will make things better for us as well as the customer.  Stayed tuned to find out what’s in store for us.

Lastly, are you our Facebook fan?  If not, why not!? (Look for the Facebook logo at the top of our homepage) A major goal for 2012 is to not only keep up with our blog, but to stay connected through Facebook as well.  Social media has become a necessity in the business world.   Stay updated with what’s going on at Aerex, look for promotions, and have an easy way to contact us!  We hope to see you all over there!
Till next time…

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