Holiday Annoyances: Avoiding Pests Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a time of fun, joy, and hanging out with loved ones. You want to gather around the Christmas tree or menorah, eat lots of delicious food, and relax on the couch, not be startled by little critters crawling around your house. When you’re hosting holiday gatherings, you want to make sure that the place is clean and comfortable — and when your family comes home for the holidays, you don’t want any bugs to come with them.

What kinds of bugs are a problem?

There are a variety of bugs that may try and make themselves feel at home in your house over the holidays. They sneak in to protect themselves from the cold winter months–and you do not want these pests home for the holidays with you.
Most people keep their holiday decorations in out of the way places, like attics, basements, or closet storage spaces. When you pull them out to make the house look festive, you may be accidentally introducing the little pests to a more mainstream area of your house. Spiders, earwigs, and silverfish, along with bigger creatures like mice, can find their way into your boxes of decorations and be moved into the living room when you carry them. Roaches are also a problem in this same area.

Spiders and other small pests like aphids and beetles may make their home in your Christmas tree. And while Christmas tree shopping is a fun and enjoyable holiday activity, you don’t want to bring these little pests home with you too.

Other pests aren’t holiday specific, but can still be a problem. For example, bed bugs can be picked up during your travels to visit family and transported back to your house. Ants can be active year round, and may try and come inside the house for warmth over the course of the cold winter months, and while a bowl of fruit on the counter is pretty and useful, it can be a major attraction for fruit flies.

How can you prevent them?  

In order to prevent these little creatures from infiltrating your home, there’s a couple of easy steps you can take. Storing decorations in plastic containers instead of cardboard can help, as plastic containers are harder for bugs to get into. Unpacking those boxes outside might also help–if there are bugs in there, you can let them go outside, instead of in the house. Be careful–bugs may leave behind feces, dirt, or remains, which you would prefer not to touch.

Be aware of how your decorations attract bugs and plan accordingly. Edible decorations attract fruit flies, so keep them where you can see them and be proactive. And since Christmas trees can attract little bugs, it’s a good idea to give it a little shake before you put it up–and maybe check it with a flashlight while outdoors, to make sure that they are out.  If you suspect that you have a more serious infestation, like bed bugs, it’s probably a better idea to seek some professional help.

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