Hotel Room Bed Bug Inspections

bed bugWhether you’re headed out for business or pleasure, it’s almost inevitable that you will at some point need to stay in a hotel. When you do, it’s important to check the room for bed bugs, so you can avoid bringing them home with you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how nice the hotel with — hotels in every budget have had issues with these pests, so every traveler should take the proper precautions.

Before You Start

To complete your inspection, you’re going to need a flashlight as well as a camera, which you will use to take pictures if you find any evidence of bed bugs. A cellphone can serve well for both of these functions.

Before you get started, place your luggage in the room’s tub or shower; this protects it from any bugs that might be in the room, allowing you to escape without contamination if you find a pest problem in the room.


To begin your inspection, you need to focus on some parts of the room that don’t often see the light of day. Pull the bed away from the wall, or shine the light between the headboard and wall if it is bolted in place. Strip the sheets off of the bed and look at the mattress for any dark red or brown spots, the tell-tale waste left behind after the bugs bite people. Be sure to remove any mattress pads and lift both the mattress and box springs to look underneath. Check the seams of all these items, as bed bugs like to hide in hard-to-reach places.

Once you’ve checked the beds, move onto the other furniture in the room. While the bed is the most common culprit, as these pests like being near their food source (humans), they can also hide in other upholstery. Check the cracks and seams of any upholstered chairs in the room, as well as the draperies.

When you wake in the morning, check the sheets for any tiny rust-colored stains, which can be evidence that bed bugs have been biting you in the night. Unfortunately, this would mean that your belongings are already contaminated, but knowing you have a potential problem on your hands can help prevent you from bringing these pests into your home — especially important since this particular pest is so difficult to get rid of. If you see this evidence in the bed, let the hotel know immediately and take the necessary precautions, including not taking your luggage and clothing back home.

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