How to Control Crickets in the House


When crickets start reproducing in your house, they can damage furniture, clothing, and paper products. In some Asian cultures, crickets are considered to be a luck charm and they were kept in the cages in homes for luck. Having a couple of crickets in your home isn’t really a problem, but having a colony can be. They can prevent you from getting a good night sleep, as well as contaminate your food and damage your goods. Usually, cricket problems occur in the fall when they are searching for a warmer place to migrate.

Here are some simple methods on how to get rid of crickets when they get into your house.

Identifying a cricket.

Most crickets are brown, yellow, or black. They have wings but don’t usually fly. They’re capable of jumping up to three feet, which makes them hard to catch. The house cricket is yellow-brown with dark bands across the head and thorax. Their hind legs are larger and thicker than their front legs. Crickets are drawn to your house because of the warmth and also because they can find an unlimited amount of food sources. They are omnivores, but they will eat literally anything, including wood and clothing.

How to prevent crickets.

Before the winter, you need to take some preventive measures. Crickets like dark and humid places, so check areas around basement walls for any cracks or holes in the foundation where crickets could enter, and seal them. Crickets usually find shelter in grass, so trim bushes and keep the grass cut around your house to keep their general population down. Inside the home, reduce clutter and piles to disable potential hiding areas. They’re also attracted to bright outdoor lighting so use yellow lighting outdoors.

Controlling crickets.

High populations of crickets sometimes cause big infestations, but if there are just a couple of them you can make an effort to capture them. Place glue boards in the spots where you suspect crickets are hiding. You can also place a bit of cornmeal in the center of the trap to attract the crickets to the trap. If you live in an area where insects are a common problem, you should contact a professional to treat your home. When crickets nest in your home, it’s hard to get rid of them. It’s also dangerous to use toxic methods if you have children or pets, so you should always call a trained professional.

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