How to Deal with an Ant Problem

Team of AntsMany species of ants are harmless to humans, and are actually beneficial to the environment – killing other pests like bedbugs and fleas. But ants’ strong desire for food can be problematic for businesses and homeowners. As the warmer months continue, fruit and vegetables ripen faster, picnics become more prevalent, and outdoor parties are a weekend luxury: all things that can attract ants – fast.

While a pest control professional can very well aid in removing an ant problem from you home or business, the first step is prevention. Ants are tiny, making it very easy for them to enter homes and buildings through the smallest of entryways. If you cannot physically see the opening, your best bet might be waiting to actually catch them making their way in. Once you have located entry points, use caulk to seal them off or line suspected entryways with deterrent substances.

Additional Ant Control Tips: 

If you see one ant, there is likely a colony somewhere nearby. Ant colonies have “scouts” who are sent out to find food sources. If the scout finds something he likes, he will inform the others and soon your half eaten apple will be a feasting location for hundreds of pesky critters.

Use your vacuum. Vacuum up some talcum powder and then move on to the ants. This ensures that you are not giving them a new home inside the vacuum cleaner.

Use the less harmful approaches first before deciding to kill them off. There are plenty of tactics out there that kill ants, such as pouring boiling water directly over a nest, deep reach fumigators, cornmeal and water, and an assortment of others. For any pest, the best thing you can do is prevent the situation as best you can. So, stick to your everyday cleaning regimen and your chances of having an ant infestation will lessen.

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