How to Get Rid of an Anthill

ant controlAlthough a small number of ants outside your home typically won’t really bother you, when you see a big anthill you have to know that your home might soon be infested and that it is time for some pest control. Ants find ways to sneak indoors and it is very difficult to stop them due to their size and persistence. But what you can do is get rid of their colony and stop them from infesting your home that way. Here are some great ways to get rid of an anthill you found on your property.

Use Traditional Pesticides: Ants can make nests in your yard, siding or pavement. To do some pest control, if you cannot locate an anthill, simply try to find where the ant returns to. When you have located the nest, use traditional pesticides and spray the nest. The insecticide you use should contain bifenthrin. There are liquid and granular ant insecticides.

If the problem is small and localized, spraying the anthill itself will solve it, but if there are a lot of ants then you should consider spraying your whole yard, including trees and shrubs. The insecticide shouldn’t be applied on a windy day and you should apply it in the morning or late afternoon when ants are most active. If necessary, you can treat the same spot again in a few weeks. In the event that you’d like to treat the entire yard, you should call a professional who is used to a commercial volume of treatment for pest treatment.

Natural Treatments: Minor ant problems can sometimes be remedied in more natural ways. One of the most popular ones is simple soapy water. Use any dishwashing soap or liquid toilet cleaner. This will kill a large amount of the colony and the remaining ants will move to another location. To do this you can simply put half a cup of liquid soap into boiling water. Then while the water is still hot, pour it over the anthill.

Another natural way to get rid of an anthill is by using boric acid. Just be careful because boric acid can be dangerous to children or animals. To use this method, simply combine a tablespoon of boric acid with a cup of sugar and add just a bit of water. When you form a paste this way, drop pieces of it around the anthill. The sugar in the mix will attract the ants and the boric acid should start to kill them off.

If you have a more significant problem where the ants have already invaded your kitchen or home, you should call professional pest exterminators to ensure that you are actually getting rid of the source of the problem rather than just the problems that may be visible to you.

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