How to Inspect Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

bed bug
A lot of people stay in hotel rooms, and sometimes it happens that the rooms have bed bugs. This is a problem since bed bugs aren’t just a momentary problem, but can also be transferred to your home this way. So when staying in a hotel room, it is wise to inspect the room for bed bugs as soon as you get into the room. This is crucial because if you unpack and settle, it might be too late to save your belongings. Here is a detailed guide to checking your room, so you can make sure you don’t bring some uninvited visitors back home. 

The first thing you need for the inspection is a small flashlight, which will make it easier for you to inspect your room. When you enter the room, place your suitcases and luggage on the floor away from the bed – where bed bugs are most commonly found. The preferable place to put your luggage is in the bathroom.

To start you inspection, first take a look at the mattress. This is where bed bugs are most commonly found. Remove the sheet from the mattress and inspect the corners of the mattress and the box spring. Next, inspect the headboard. Most commonly, the headboard is attached to the wall, but you can use your flashlight to take a look in the crack between the wall and the board. Next, inspect the night stand or any other furniture around the bed. Bed bugs also often hide in behind pictures on the wall or in cracks and crevices in the furniture. Take a look at screw holes and other such small places. If there are any drawers, inspect the inside, especially the joints.

Once you have inspected the bed and the area around it, move on to other furniture in the room. Check anything upholstered such as furniture and chairs. When inspecting upholstered furniture, remember to take a closer look at the seams, where the bugs will be most visible.

Another high-risk area is the luggage rack or valet. If bed bugs came into the room in the luggage of some other traveler, you will find them in the cracks here.

If you find bed bugs in your hotel room

, waste no time and ask to be transferred to another room. Make sure the room is not right next door to the one you found the bugs in, because they spread easily and it is highly likely that the rooms next to yours will also have them already.

If you forgot to inspect your room, but think that there might have been bed bugs present there, do the following:

         wash all your clothes immediately, or place them in a sealed plastic bag until you manage to wash them

         use a vacuum to clean your suitcase thoroughly

         wipe your shoes with a wet rag and hot water

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