How to Pest-Proof Your Home

how to prevent bed bugs from coming home from schoolPests aren’t just annoying. Some carry dangerous diseases and you don’t want them in your home. Instead of waiting to go on the defense against pests, you should pest-proof your home before the cold winter months. Pests are active during warm months because the weather is perfect for them to be outside. But, during the winter they need to find a shelter inside in order to survive the winter. If you want to prevent pests from moving into your home, try the following pest-proof measures.

1. Seal all entry points.

Pests can enter through holes as small as a dime. Keep these unwelcome intruders out, and repair any small cracks or holes. In order to prevent rodents from chewing through sealed area, layer the area with steel wool, and then seal it down with caulk. Make sure to inspect the entire exterior of your house for any gaps, holes, and crevices. Check for foundation cracks and gaps around pipes, electric, and cable wiring.

2. Doors and windows.

Inspect and repair any broken doors or windows and install window screens, because even the smallest crack can become an entry point for various pests.

3. Interior gaps.

Some cracks will be visible only from inside your home. Check areas under and behind kitchen cabinets, stoves, and refrigerators, as well as around pipes and spaces between the floor and wall.

4. Secure the trash can.

When they have nothing else to eat, pests are going to dig in the trash. To prevent them, ensure that the trash cans have tight lids. Clean areas around trash cans to remove possible food sources like spills or crumbs.

5. Place food in proper containers.

Pests aren’t picky eaters. When they find food, they’re going to stay in your home. If you want to prevent them, you’ll need to clean your kitchen regularly. It’s also recommended to store food in containers made of thick plastic or metal.

6. Remove the clutter from your yard.

Piles of firewood, old tires or other debris are perfect nesting areas for pests. If these items are leaning against your exterior walls, pests can easily come inside. To prevent pest infestations, remove the clutter from your yard, maintain your garden or lawn, and clean gutters regularly.

7. Clean.

Pests love clutter, garbage, and any traces of food. Clean your home regularly, especially after the meals. The cleaner your home is, the less attraction it will have for pests.

8. Know when to call in the professional.

These pest-proof methods are great to prevent and control pests. If you have problems with pests year round, and it seems that neither of the pest-proof method works, maybe you should consider contacting a professional. Keep your family worry-free and leave pest proofing to the pros.

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