How to Pest-Proof Your Home

how to pest-proof your homePests are annoying in so many ways. If you think that cooler weather means you’re entering a pest-free season, unfortunately, that’s not true. Most people look forward to warm weather, but pests feel the same about sunny days. During the fall and winter, they’re looking for a nice and warm place where they can thrive, and our homes are just perfect for them. Pests are not nice roommates, so it’s good to fully pest-proof your home while you can. Take advantage of the last few weeks of warm weather and make your house uninviting for all pests.

Inspect your home for potential pest entry points.

If you do a thorough examination inside and outside your house, you can prevent pests from entering. Look for areas pests like to live in, like piles of leaves around your home; remove shrubs and bushes that are growing too close to your house; repair any rips or holes in screens; and fill any holes or openings in the home exterior that may become entry points. When it’s dark outside, look for areas where light is escaping. This means there are small gaps you need to fill. If the light gets out, the pests can get in. Also, pay particular attention to door and window frames, places where pipes enter or leave your home, and all the places wires come inside.

Install a door sweep.

This is a great tool to keep little pests from scurrying into your home through the thin crack under your door. This is not only a great solution to pest-proof your home, it will also save you energy during the winter by keeping cool air out.

Clear the clutter.

You will need to vacuum your entire house at least once a week. This is important in order to keep your house clean since particular pests, especially dust mites, don’t like clean places very much. You should also spend some time every week removing clutter, like piles of newspapers or clothing, from floors. Your own clutter can be an excellent hiding place for silverfish, roaches, or spiders, so clean it regularly.

Fix leaky faucets.

Pests need food and water in order to survive. Fixing leaky faucets is much easier than dealing with pests, so make sure to do it.

Maintain your yard.

Some pests can enter your home from a neglected or overgrown yard. Mow your lawn and cut down excess vegetation to eliminate an ideal environment for pests. This way you can prevent them from entering your home once the weather grows cooler.

Keep your food sealed.

One of the important aspects of pest-proofing your home is to keep your food sealed in tight containers. You need to eliminate food and water to eliminate the pests. When they figure out they don’t have food and water in your house, they will hunt it down somewhere else.

Cover openings in the home.

It’s great to have a fireplace, but chimneys can also be entry points for many pests. In order to pest-proof your home, cover the chimney vent. Also, window air conditioning units provide a great entry point for small pests, so it’s important to remove them from your window when they are not in use.

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