How to Remove a Bumble Bee Nest

how to remove a bumble bee nestAttempting to remove a bumble bee nest by yourself can be a tricky and dangerous business. Here are some tips and information about bees that might help you!

Identifying a Bumble Bee Nest

First of all, there are tens of thousands of different species of bees and while most of them live quiet lives, some do not. If you notice a bee’s nest, in order to remove it properly you first need to identify the species. Bees’ nests usually differ depending on the type of bees. The nests differ in material, location, and size.

Bumble bees are large, very hairy, black and yellow in color, or sometimes even orange or red. The bumble bee queen that has overwintered in a protected location usually constructs the nest in the early spring and starts a new colony. Nest sites vary depending on bumble bee species, but they all like dark cavities and their nests can be found in a variety of places, . They usually count from 50 to about 400 individuals.

Places to Look for Bumble Bee Nests

Keep your house safe by thoroughly inspecting places bumble bees usually use for building their nests. Bumble bees like to build their nests in dark, dry, and protected cavities either below ground or on the ground. Typical places where you can spot their nests are under piles of wood on the ground, under piles of leaves and compost, in abandoned rodent holes, among thick grass, in plant pots, in abandoned birds’ nests and houses, and behind structures with gaps and cracks that allow entrance. If you see numerous bumble bees flying around your house, it is usually a good sign that they have nested somewhere close.

The Dangers of a Bumble Bee Nest Close to a Home

Bumble bee nests can cause serious problems, especially to people who are allergic, so if you often see them flying around, make sure to test your children for possible allergic reactions. The venom from a bee sting can cause swelling of lips, difficulties with breathing, vomiting, and passing out due to low blood pressure. Unlike yellow jackets and hornets, bumble bees are not overly aggressive insects.

How to Remove a Bumble Bee Nest

If you discover a bumble bee nest in a place where you spend a lot of your time or you or a family member are allergic, you may want to consider removing it. The removal of a bumble bee nest is not a job anyone can do, since it can be dangerous and requires great skill, training, and experience. It is always best to call a pest control professional who can take care of the removal for you and provide recommendations for future bumble bee control and prevention.

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