Identifying Pests & Rodents in a New Home

House hunting can be stressful enough as it is without the thought of pests. On top of things like  securing financing, getting a home inspection, shopping for new furniture and moving in, you will also need to consider an existing pest problem. Of course, pests are probably the last thing on your mind, but having a pest problem in your new home is also the last thing you need!

Aerex Pest Control can’t help you buy a home, but we can help you identify a problem! Whether you’re buying a home or renting an apartment or condo, here are 10 red flags to look out for in your new digs:

  • Active Pests – Need we say more? Call Aerex, a Chicago Pest Control company if you notice active pests in the home.
  • Pest droppings – Not a good sign. Pest droppings can be 1 of 2 things: old or new. Either a pest infestation currently exists, or one did not too long ago. Call Aerex Pest Control and let us get to the bottom of it!
  • Nesting – Check every nook and cranny for signs of nesting. One of our technicians just found a yellow jacket nest in a utility room!
  • Odd smells or sounds – Don’t ignore odors or mysterious noises. Research shows that certain pests give off distinct odors. For example, mice give off a musty or urine like smell and rats smell like ammonia.
  • Pesticides – Check closets, cabinets, under the sink and in the garage. If you find any partially used bottles of pest control products, chances are the previous owner/tenant had a pest problem.
  • Holes – This is a given. Walls aren’t supposed to have holes, right? Small holes in the walls and floors or holes in or around the property are a giveaway of a possible infestation.
  • Ant hills – Finding ant hills outside is relatively normal. It’s once the ants make their way inside that it becomes a bigger problem. Nip it in the bud and take notice of ant hills outside of the home.
  • Trees/Shrubs/Bushes against the exterior – We hate to say it, but this is kind of asking for it. Trees, bushes, shrubs and even firewood should be at least 12 inches away from the siding of the home. Ask the previous owners or your tenant to have overgrown plants that touch the house to be trimmed or removed.
  • Dead bugs – Check window ledges and basements for dead bugs. If there are many bugs of the same species, they probably live on the property.
  • Grease marks/tracks – If you notice grease marks or tracks along the floor or walls beware of rodents. Rats and mice tend to travel the same paths every day, and can leave evidence and tracks along the way.

Pests aren’t who you want welcoming you into your new home. Follow the 10 tips above, and you’re sure to catch a pest infestation before it gets worse. As always, contact Aerex Pest Control if you suspect a pest infestation in your home!

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