What do Illinois Pests Do in the Winter?

ant controlWith the arrival of the cold, it can be easy to forget of the existence of pests over the winter period until they return to plague you the next spring/summer.

But what happens to the pests most troublesome in Illinois over winter? Where do they go and what should you look out for? In this article we’ll be taking a look at the three most common pests found in Illinois, learn why they are plaguing your home, and when you might need to call in the professional pest controllers.

Unlike a large amount of pests, rodents do not hibernate. Instead, they opt to find warm shelter from the cold. This is oftentimes when rats and other rodents will choose to infest your home.

Rats also will take shelter in idle vehicles, so if you’ve not driven your car in a while, be it from snow or visiting family, check under your hood in particular for any nesting rodents.

Ladybugs and Boxelders
While ladybugs can be pretty to look at, in terms of infestation, they can be quite the pain. Ladybugs and boxelder bugs overwinter in similar ways, when the weather starts to get cold, you may notice these bugs around your home more frequently, as like you they are seeking warmth and shelter from the weather. Once they ‘move in’ to your home, they will go into a diapause state, which is where they hibernate, slowing down their body’s metabolism and other processes, until the weather becomes more clement.

Ladybugs and boxelder bugs are supremely good infiltrators, able to sneak their way into your home or business, without leaving much of a trace. Places such as wall voids, attics and cellars, as well as under porches or decks, are ideal places for these pest to wait out winter. So it’s best if sometime during the cold months you check these areas for any unwanted tenants.

A Sudden Invasion!
In many areas it’s typical for a few bright, warm days interspersed amid chilly weather during winter. For ladybugs and boxelder bugs, this warm day can become a signal that nap time is over. Therefore, if you haven’t been checking for these pests, or until now they have been undiscovered, you may find you suddenly have an active infestation overnight!

Pest Control
As always with pests, its really best to employ simple countermeasures to prevent infestation. Taking a little time to check hotspots, or treat areas prone to creepy crawlies can save you the time, money, and distress that comes with an infestation.

Should you discover a ladybug of boxelder infestation for example, your best choice is to vacuum them up without delay and deposit them in the trash outside. However, if you cannot access the infestation with a vacuum, or things start to get out of hand, your best choice is to call in a pest control professional, who will handle your bug problem swiftly and with minimal stress.      

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