It’s that Time Again – Ladybug Season!

Ladybugs: they’re kinda cute, right? That reddish orange shell and little black dots…they seem absolutely harmless. While it’s true that ladybugs are harmless to humans, they can become quite the nuisance when they overtake our homes and offices in large numbers.

Similar to the boxelder bug, ladybugs like to inhabit our homes throughout the fall months. What’s more – once they gain entry they can continue to be a pest after fall and well into winter. Within the next few weeks, Aerex Pest Control is confident we will be taking care of these buggers all over Chicago.

Why do Ladybugs Come Inside?

Ladybug populations tend to grow during the spring and summer months because the seasons favor foliage and aphid infestations. In the fall, ladybugs seek protected places to “overwinter” such as under leaves and rocks, or (unfortunately) inside buildings and homes.

Ladybug Control & Prevention

Keep in mind ladybugs are harmless. They don’t bite and don’t cause illnesses. With that said – we still don’t want to be finding them all over our house. Vacuuming these up can become daunting after the first couple of times. So, the best thing to do is to prevent them from entering in the first place.

While it is always best to contact Aerex for any assistance in pest control, here are a few ways to lessen the presence of ladybugs.

-Seal cracks around windows, doors, siding and utility pipes
-Replace or repair damaged screens on doors/windows
-Keep doors and windows shut as much as possible

The Solution

With over 475 species of ladybugs roaming the United States, it is nearly impossible to stay away from them completely. Contact Aerex Pest Control as soon as you notice an issue with ladybugs, and we will be at your service with an effective plan in no time. Aerex technicians understand the habits of each Ladybug species and use that knowledge when developing a Ladybug control program, which is best suited to your property. Our technicians are professional, state certified, licensed applicators.

In the meantime, learn more about Ladybugs and their habits with Aerex!

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