How to Keep Pests Out and Tenants In

spider exterminationEveryone wants to own their own home, but no one wants to deal with pests. The problem becomes exponentially worse on rental properties where you cannot directly control the activities of your renters that may make pest control for property managers worse. Below are some ideas on how to handle pest control as a landlord.

Types of pests

Many types of pests can get into properties and cause havoc. Flies, gnats, ants, and roaches are common insects that can get into areas containing food and contaminate it. There are plenty of bug sprays and traps that will kill them if you find them, but they often build nests that are difficult to find.

Spiders can also be a problem. While they are not typically as numerous as many insects, some of them have poisonous bites which can put your tenants in the hospital, leaving you with pests to eliminate and possibly medical bills to pay. While not typically as deadly, fleas and bedbugs are the bane of many property owners. They can be brought in by anyone and are very difficult to eradicate from the property. Frequently furniture must be thrown away just to get rid of all the dormant eggs.

You may have to deal with larger animals such as mice, rats, or snakes. These animals make nests in the walls, basements, and crawlspaces in your property and often chew through furniture, walls, and contaminate food supplies. You may also deal with birds and bats making nests in the upper levels of your property. These animals all defecate around the areas they are in which can spread disease and are carriers of fleas (see above), which can create another level of pest control for property managers.

So how do you keep them out?


Prevention is the best key to pest control for property managers. Here are some things that can help prevent pest infestations.

  • Require tenants to keep their food in appropriate containers and their garbage sealed up.
  • Make regular surveys of the property looking for holes, especially holes that go all the way outside. Repair and seal these holes.
  • Call a professional pest control agent to come to do a professional survey for you, to be sure you do not miss anything vital.


Tell your tenants to report any pest they see on the property. The general rule is there is never just one. There are always more out of sight. If your tenant sees one out in the open, or evidence of one chewing, nesting, or contaminating the area, call pest control professionals immediately. The longer you wait, the worse your situation will get. Unless you have special extermination training, you may not be able to get rid of all the pests. You may merely scare them into hiding in wait to come back again.

Pest control for property managers is serious, as it can affect how potential tenants view your business. Prevention and follow-through can help ensure you maintain your property’s integrity and good reputation.

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