Lady Bugs…Helpful or Harmful Pests in your Garden?

Ladybug controlMost people are familiar with lady bugs. They are perhaps one of the least intimidating looking insects that may take up residence in your garden this summer. Known for their recognizable bright red and polka-dotted wings, they are easy to identify, but do you have a real understanding of their contribution to your landscaping? We’ve written a few key points to define a greater appreciation for their job in your garden’s eco-system, and some ways to make sure the species living there are in fact Lady Bugs and not harmful species.

Native Lady Bug vs. Chinese Beetle:

How they look…

The impression left by both the Lady Bug and the Chinese Beetle are very similar. There are some key characteristics that can help you define their few differences however. The Lady bug has a white marking on their head that Chinese Beetles usually don’t. Their coloring appears to be more of a defined brick red color than the Chinese Beetle’s rusty orange exterior.

What they do…

Agriculturally, both are known for eating potentially harmful aphids of insects that will feast on your growing plants. This is one of their positive traits. In one way, they are a natural pesticide when it comes to eating the aphids of harmful insects in your garden.

In spite of their benefit there is a point at which they can become harmful…

If Chinese beetles over populate they can swarm around your house and you could find them getting in through cracks and under doors.  They also excrete yellowish substance that can stain clothing and furniture. In some situations they will also bite, which is dangerous for individuals that have allergic reactions to beetles or insects in general.

Lady Bugs and Chinese Beetles can overpopulate in your yard.  There are treatments to control them. In that situation it is best to call a professional pest control service, like Aerex who will know to use safe methods to exterminate some of them and keep these beetles to a manageable and helpful number.

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