Mouse Nests: Where do you find them?

owls for mouse controlThink you might be dealing with a mouse infestation? If you’re right, you’ll be able to find a nest somewhere inside your home. These are very easy to recognize, since they’re basically balls made of whatever fibrous material mice have managed to find inside the premises. The materials used to create nests include everything from paper to fiberglass insulation. You’ll also be able to recognize them by droppings you’ll find in or around them. If you don’t know where to look for the mice, here’s a list of places they’re probably hiding.

1. Inside your walls. Mice like dark, warm places. If any of the walls in your home have holes in them, they might be the ideal hiding place for a colony of mice. This is especially true if your walls are insulated. But before you check them, you might want to take a look at some of the more accessible spots in your home, such as the basement.

2. In your basement or attic. If you don’t live in an apartment, chances are you have either an attic or a basement. You might even have both. And if the answer is yes, those places should be your prime suspects when it comes to places that are ideal for building mouse nests. Try to narrow down the search by looking for droppings.

3. Under the floor. If the mice aren’t to be found in the basement or the attic, you should consider checking under the floors. If there are any gaps under your floorboards, they might not be as empty as you believe them to be. They’re considered good hiding places because they’re dark and relatively warm.

4. In the kitchen cabinets. Just like us humans, mice love food. They also love warmth and the feeling of protection darkness is capable of providing. That’s why your kitchen and pantry are their first choices when it comes to hiding places. If they can settle somewhere close to the food, they won’t go anywhere else. But their second choice might come as a surprise.

5. In close proximity to your appliances. You get ovens and similar appliances, but why would mice want to be close to your washing machine or fridge? It’s because of the warmth they can enjoy just by being near them. And even refrigerators produce heat, which is something you can see for yourself just by sticking your hand behind one. And while you’re there, check for mouse nests, too.

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