Office Pest Control Protocols

Pests are always a possibility when you have an enclosed building, especially in a building where workers are present all day, eating meals in break rooms and snacks at desks, possibly leaving tempting crumbs for enterprising bugs or rodents to find. Keeping your office building pest-free is essential to daily operations, not to mention the cleanliness of the building. Read on to learn how to handle a complaint about pests when they find their way inside.

The Importance of Pest-Free

Why is having a pest-free office so important? First and foremost, your employees should be able to feel comfortable and safe in their office. Employees who don’t feel safe in their surroundings have lower productivity and higher turnover, both of which costs your company money in the long run — all over something that is easily handled with some commercial pest control.

There is also the matter of liability to consider. Certain pests can potentially carry various illnesses, exposing your employees to dangers in the workplace. This can result in insurance claims as well as possible litigation, should an employee fall ill and choose to pursue that route.

Dealing with Complaints

If an employee comes to a manager with a pest complaint, it is important to let the employee know you are taking the problem seriously. Managers should be trained to reassure the employee that it will be taken care of as soon as possible. Whoever takes the complaint needs to document what sort of pest was seen as well as where it was sighted, so that you can report the problem accurately to your commercial pest control company.

If the knowledge of the pest problem becomes widespread — whether through employees talking or multiple people seeing the pests firsthand — it may become necessary to address the company on a large scale. In this case, it becomes prudent to get your company’s Human Resources department involved. IN most cases, sending out a memo that the company is aware of the problem and is working to resolve it is the best course of action. This may also be a good time to remind employees to keep their food products sealed and to clean up behind themselves as much as possible to help prevent these problems.

Fixing the Problem

The first step in correcting a pest problem on commercial property is to contact a commercial pest control professional. Pest control can help take care of the problem you already have, and then work with you to set up an ongoing program to prevent a recurrence.

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