5 Pests that Can Be Hiding in Your Gutters

It’s very important to clean your gutters twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. Dirty gutters are full of debris that prevent the water from draining away from your house. This can further lead to problems like mold growth, roof leaks, and damage to your home’s sidings. It can also create an environment that pests love. If you don’t have gutter shields, you might not be happy this time of the year as many pests take up residence in dirty gutters where there are plenty of places to stay warm. If your home drainage system is not READ MORE »

Guide to Spiders in Illinois

The colder weather attracts various pests.  Spiders are among them and some species can be dangerous, so it’s important to distinguish them. Illinois is not a state with dangerous wildlife, but Illinois’ population of spiders might surprise many visitors and residents. More than 500 species of spiders live in Illinois. Spiders are usually not dangerous towards humans, but, there are some that are poisonous. It’s important to know some basic identification guidelines to detect the differences. Here are some of the most commonly encountered spiders in Illinois.

How to tell the Difference Between a Mouse and a R ...

To prevent infestation of mice or rats, you need to know some basic things about rodent control. Especially, if you are not sure whether you are dealing with mice or rats. They both belong to the rodent family, but they have unique sets of characteristics. Here are some basic differences between a mouse and a rat.

How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are familiar insects to most people. During the summer, they’re hard to notice, but during the fall they move into homes as they search a warm place to spend their winter. Indoors, they present a real problem. They can stain household items with their excrement and because of their large numbers, they can simply be a nuisance. Once they invade your home, the first bunch of nymphs arrives only 10 to 20 days later. This is why it’s important to prevent them from entering in the first place. Boxelder bugs are named for their primary host, the boxelder tree. READ MORE »

7 Tips for Effective Outdoor Mice Control

Having mice in your yard is both a nuisance and a health hazard. These pests can cause property damage, so it’s for the best to keep them far away from your home. When the weather gets cold, they start searching for a warm place to find shelter, so it’s important to do an outdoor mouse inspection. This is the only way to prevent them from finding a place in your home. In addition, removing rodents from your home can be a hassle.

The 5 Most Hard-to-Detect Pests

Most people share their home with unwelcome guests: pests. They are eager to settle into your house if they can find food, water, and shelter. Most pests are extremely skilled in finding the best hiding places in and around your home. They love to hide in your attic, in the basement, in bathrooms, inside wall voids, and in countless other places. That’s why it’s so important to do a proper pest control regularly. Fall pest control is important because it’s the only way to prevent pests from entering your home in search of a shelter to overwinter. Some invaders also bring READ MORE »

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

The stink bug belongs to the family of shield bugs. They were accidentally introduced into the United States in 1998. They originate from China, Japan, and Taiwan. They can be found near human settlements, in gardens, orchards, and on the agricultural fields. They’re considered pests because they invade homes for warmth. Usually, they enter homes in late summer and fall, so every homeowner needs to know hot to get rid of stink bugs. Stink Bug Appearance Stink bugs are large, oval, or shield-shaped insects. Adult stink bugs can reach almost 2 cm in length. Usually, their bodies are as wide READ MORE »

6 Beetles Native to Illinois

There are more than a half million species of beetles in the world. This makes them one of the largest group of insects. There are more than 25,000 beetle species in North America alone. Some of them can be destructive, so it’s important to know how to identify them. In the late summer and fall, beetles are trying to invade homes in order to find a suitable place for overwintering. Here’s a list of the most common beetles native to Illinois. 1. Green June Beetle These beetles are large enough to be mistaken for a carpenter bee. They’re easily recognized READ MORE »

Why Essential Oils Don't Work for Pest Control

People like to choose essential oils for pest control because they think they’re choosing a natural and safe solution. Some homeowners even say these oils are not only effective but are also healthful and beneficial in other ways. Here are some reasons why essential oils don’t work for pest control. Essential oils are not 100% natural. Essential oil is basically the oil of the plant from which it was extracted. They’re called essential because they should contain the essence of the plant. Nowadays, the use of essential oils is subject to regulation. Problems started appearing when people begin to claim how READ MORE »

How to Tell the Difference Between Termites and Fl ...

When you notice a swarm of ants in your kitchen, it’s easy to assume how you’re dealing with termites, especially if you live in the South. Maybe you’re not dealing with termites at all, but you have a well-established colony of flying ants. Either way, termites can do significant harm to your home structure, so it’s important to know some main differences between the two pests. There are easy ways to determine if your home is a hiding place for a termite colony or a flying ant colony. Termites Termites* may be secretly hiding in your home without any visible READ MORE »

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