How to Keep Mosquitoes from Taking Over Your Yard

Warmer days mean picnics, afternoons by the pool, and leisurely evening strolls. Unfortunately, you’ll probably be joined by a certain pesky visitor you’d rather not spend any time with—the mosquito.

Top Ways to Clean Your Home While You’re Treatin ...

Once you have a mouse problem in your home it can be very hard to clean until you’ve fully treated the problem. The problem with mice is that their droppings can cause airborne diseases. They leave scat and urine commonly in places in a home where you prepare food or store it. This can be particularly dangerous for children that have far less immunity to the infectious waste that mice are known for like hantavirus and salmonella.

Stop Avoiding the Backyard! Get Mosquito Control.. ...

Especially during mosquito season, these little buggers can be a real nuisance. Store-bought or natural repellents don’t always work and are only effective if there is no serious infestation. Apart from being annoying, mosquito bites can also be dangerous for health, since these pests can carry disease. Because of that, it is important to do your best to limit your exposure to these pests. Thanks to the many years of experience we have at Aerex and our extremely effective products, we can help you get rid mosquitoes in your yard in no time!

How to Get Rid of an Anthill

Although a small number of ants outside your home typically won’t really bother you, when you see a big anthill you have to know that your home might soon be infested and that it is time for some pest control. Ants find ways to sneak indoors and it is very difficult to stop them due to their size and persistence. But what you can do is get rid of their colony and stop them from infesting your home that way. Here are some great ways to get rid of an anthill you found on your property.

Make Sure Your Pets Repel Ticks in Your Yard…

Having to remove ticks from your pets during the summer and spring is a nuisance. Not only are these pests annoying and ugly to look at, they can also be dangerous to your pets because of various diseases they carry and their small size. They also can migrate from your pests to bit you if you are always in close proximity to your pets. Fortunately, there are numerous methods for keeping your pet free of ticks. Here are just some you can consider.

Bolster-Up Your Outdoor Space Before Mosquito Seas ...

Getting ready for the summer season should involve more than equipping your outdoor space with proper furniture and barbecue equipment. If you really want to enjoy the warmest time of year, you should also make sure you’re not overwhelmed by mosquitos. These pests are known for their resilience, which is why you should take the matter seriously. Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to make the mosquito season a lot more enjoyable for yourself!

Do Mosquito Traps Actually Work?

Dealing with mosquitos can be a tiresome task, especially during the most humid times of year. But since these tiny creatures are so aggravating, we humans spare no effort in getting rid of them. That’s why there are countless recipes for remedies that promise to protect you from having your skin attacked by mosquitos. They’re usually not as efficient as one would like them to be, which is why you should research each recipe before you decide to go to the trouble of making it. To help you save time, we bring you the reviews on some of the most READ MORE »

Mouse Nests: Where do you find them?

Think you might be dealing with a mouse infestation? If you’re right, you’ll be able to find a nest somewhere inside your home. These are very easy to recognize, since they’re basically balls made of whatever fibrous material mice have managed to find inside the premises. The materials used to create nests include everything from paper to fiberglass insulation. You’ll also be able to recognize them by droppings you’ll find in or around them. If you don’t know where to look for the mice, here’s a list of places they’re probably hiding.

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When it comes to pests, spring is one of the most active times of year.  Most of the creatures that could harm you and cause damage to your possessions have been in hibernation for the duration of the winter, but they come out of dormancy as soon as it starts to get warmer. Here are some of the most common spring pests that can be found in the Midwest.

Centipedes and Millipedes: How to Tell the Differe ...

What are the differences between centipedes and millipedes? Are any of them poisonous? Are any dangerous? Do they really have 100 legs? Where can I find them and how can I tell them apart? If these are just some of the questions that are bothering you, here is a great article about centipedes and millipedes and ways of telling them apart.

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