3 Most Harmful Pests For Children

There are over 900,000 different insects in the world, and they make up 80% of all the world’s species. Some of them live in your household and they may expose your children to harmful diseases. As a parent, knowing which pests are dangerous can help you choose the most effective strategy to minimize your family’s exposure to those pests who live in your home or garden. Pest control helps you with a regulation and management of the species which can be dangerous for your children’s health, so here is a list of the most harmful pests that may be living READ MORE »

5 Most Common Signs of a Mouse Infestation

As the weather gets colder and colder, more and more mice will be on the hunt for a warm place to take shelter, find food, and even multiply. Once they get inside your home, you should know that it’s going to take a lot of time and effort to get rid of mice. If you see a single mouse inside your house, it’s safe to assume there are many others where it came from. Cracked walls and holes in the floors, walls, and foundation are common entry points for mice, and this often leads to a mouse infestation. The first READ MORE »

Termite Prevention and Identification Tips

Known as the “silent destroyer” due to their secretive hiding and thriving in homes without signs of immediate damage, termites can prove to be a huge problem in the pest world. That being said, prevention is tough! All homes, regardless of their construction type, can be a feeding ground for a termite infestation. So, how do we identify termites? Termites exist in four different types: Dampwood Termite: Several types of dampwood termites exist in the United States. They are larger than other termites, and they are not limited to one specific area. In fact, dampwood termites are commonly seen throughout READ MORE »

5 Tips for Bed Bug Prevention While Traveling

Reports of bed bug infestations are not uncommon – even in luxury resorts. Traveling is also the  to spread these critters. Whether it’s something as simple as your child’s slumber party at the neighbor’s or a luxurious vacation at a 5-star hotel, it is important to take proper bed bug prevention measures every time you travel. 1. Find a Safe Place for Luggage. Placing your luggage on the floor or bed while traveling is one of the best ways to expose yourself to bed bugs. Even hotel furniture is a big no-no. So, if you can’t keep your luggage on READ MORE »

4 Commercial Mice Prevention Tips

We talk a lot about about mice and rats inside the home, but it comes as no surprise that we are still getting calls about these pesky rodents (and we know as we get deeper into winter they will keep coming). For that reason we’d like to revisit rodent control, this time for commercial environments. Here are the four most valuable mice prevention tips for commercial buildings: Identify Of course we all know what a mouse looks like, but more often than not, it’s not the mice we see — it’s the evidence of their existence. Droppings, fresh gnaw marks, and READ MORE »

Are Garden Spiders Poisonous?

If you’ve ever encountered a garden spider, you know how down right frightening they can be! Typically black with yellow stripes or zigzags, garden spiders are larger than the average arachnid and have the ability to create extremely strong webs. Recently we’ve received a few calls about garden spiders. The biggest question is whether these spiders are something to be concerned about, followed by something like this: Do garden spiders bite? Are garden spiders poisonous? Can garden spiders get inside my house? Garden spiders are typically not aggressive. Their bites are also not known to be of medical importance. That READ MORE »

5 Things to Know About the Asian Longhorned Beetle

Attention, Chicagoland home and business owners! Have you heard of the Asian Longhorned Beetle? If not, this is the article for you. Asian Longhorned Beetles (ALB) are emerging from trees all over Chicago and it’s time to make sure your trees aren’t infected. August is “Tree Check Month” for the ALB. July and August is the peak emergence period, and trees throughout Chicago should be checked for signs of this destructive pest. Before we dive in to that info, here are five things to know about the infamous ALB. 1. Experts believe Asian Longhorned Beetles were brought to the United READ MORE »

Pest Control Myths Busted

When it comes to pest control, many homeowners believe in household DIY tricks to treat the problem. But what actually works? In an effort to help our customers, we’ve debunked some of the most common pest control myths. Myth: My cat is all the pest control I need. Fact: No, no, and no! If you are experiencing a rodent problem, your domestic house cat will not aid as a solution. In fact, most house cats ignore rodents altogether. Here’s the truth: A cat raised in the wild might kill mice. A hungry cat may eat mice. However, most cats will READ MORE »

Health Risks of Summer Insects

Now that summer has truly begun, it’s time to review some of the most common summer pests. Mosquitoes, ticks and stinging insects are amongst the top insects of summer, and each pose potential health risks to humans and pets. Read on for more information about summer pest control and pest prevention. Bees, Hornets, Yellowjackets & More Stinging insects like bees, wasps and hornets are a great source of anxiety for humans everywhere. Not only can they cause painful stings, but a large amount of the American population suffer severe allergic reactions from them. Stings and allergies aside, bugs like bumblebees, READ MORE »

Earwig Facts, Prevention & Elimination

Earwigs: small, slimy-looking, and fast moving. They will most likely pop out of a dark place when you are least expecting it, ensuing both fear and repulsion. But where do these creepy insects come from? Where do they like to dwell? How can we get rid of them? Myths: First things first. A lot of people associate the bug “earwig” with actually crawling inside ears. So, do earwigs really lay eggs in our ears? Even more troubling, can they enter our brain? The answer is a firm ‘no.’ While humans have long associated earwigs with entering our ears, this actually READ MORE »

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