All About Rodents: The Deer Mouse

The deer mouse, Peromyscus maniculatus, is a small rodent that can be found all over North America. These very proficient jumpers and runners got their name due to their agility. They are considered to be dangerous because they spread the deadly Hantavirus and Lyme disease, which can infect humans through contact with the rodent’s urine, feces, or saliva. A deer mouse prefer forests, agricultural crops, and grasslands, but it can also be found in urban areas if surrounded by suitable habitats. Learning about specific species of mice is important to successful mouse control and prevention. Identifying a Deer Mouse This READ MORE »

All About Rodents: The House Mouse

The house mouse, Mus Musculus, is one of the most troublesome of all the rodents we deal with. They thrive in a wide variety of conditions and be found in and around homes, on agricultural lands, and in open fields. The house mouse consumes and contaminates food that is meant for pets, humans, or livestock. For proper house mouse control and prevention, it’s important to familiarize yourself with this particular rodent species. Identifying a House Mouse The house mouse is covered in short hair, usually light brown, gray, or black in color. Some species have a light belly. The adult READ MORE »

6 Places Bugs Might Be Hiding in Your Home

Whether they hop, run, crawl, or fly into your home, bugs and insects are eager to settle in if they can find water, food, and shelter. It is important to practice proactive pest control so you can prevent an infestation. Remember that treating a minor infestation is far easier than treating a widespread infestation. One step is knowing the places where bugs like to hide out in your home. Here are some common hiding places that you should continuously monitor for possible infestations. Seams of Beds, Chairs, and Couches These are common places for bed bugs to hide. They spread READ MORE »

How to Prevent Bugs in a Restaurant

Restaurant owners and managers must be aware that there are strict regulations for professional pest management in any food handling area. Not only for sanitation and safety reasons, but also for brand reputation. Not only that, but you certainly wouldn’t want to take any chances of incurring damage caused by pests, so make sure you learn how to prevent them. Here are some tips for how to prevent bugs in your restaurant. Inspection There are some crucial areas in restaurants in which bugs usually gather, and it is important to know what they are so you can learn how to READ MORE »

Proactive Pest Control: Common Entry Points and Ho ...

It can be very frustrating to continue to find pests inside of your home after repeatedly employing pest control measures. Many people question how these relentless pests are getting inside their home. Pests will exploit any opening they can find to enter the home, whether it be to take shelter from the weather or to feast upon food in the house. The best way to fight pests is by being proactive. Learn where the most vulnerable home entry points are and how you can seal off these spots, closing the gap of vulnerability.  Windows Windows with torn or missing screens are READ MORE »

How to Clean House after a Rodent Infestation

If you have recently experienced a rodent infestation, you know that it is a nightmare. After having the pests exterminated, you are left dealing with a terrible mess that is not only disgusting, but also dangerous. Rodents carry a multitude a viruses, bacteria, and diseases that are released through their waste droppings and saliva. The most hazardous illness carried by rodents is Hantavirus. This deadly virus is transmitted by airborne particles from rodent feces and urine. According the CDC, Hantavirus has a 36% fatality rate. Protecting Yourself Anytime you are handling dead rodents, cleaning up waste or rodent saliva, or READ MORE »

The Bed Bug Life Cycle

Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pest problems that can get out of control really quickly. The first step is identifying and controlling these pests. Since there are many bugs that look similar to bed bugs it is important to know what they look like exactly, what is their life cycle is like, and when they usually make it into people’s homes. How do bed bugs reproduce? The process of bed bug mating is called a traumatic insemination. The male breaks the female’s abdomen with his genitalia to inject his semen through that wound. The sperm migrates through READ MORE »

Poisonous Spiders in Illinois

The majority of spiders living in Illinois are not poisonous. There are, however, two kinds of poisonous spiders found in the area: the brown recluse (Loxosceles reclusa) and the black widow (Latrodectus spp). Their venomous bite is dangerous, and you can come across them virtually anywhere, so it’s crucial to learn how to identify them. Black Widow Black Widow Characteristics The abdomen of a mature female black widow is usually black and shiny with a distinct red hourglass marking on the underside Sometimes there may be a line of red spots down the center of the abdomen. A mature male READ MORE »

DIY or Professional Pest Control? When to Call the ...

After spotting an unwanted pest in your home, you may begin debating over whether to tackle the situation yourself or to hire a professional pest control service to handle the situation. In simple cases of very minor pest infestations that do not pose a danger to your family or your home, it comes down to a matter of personal preference. There are several variables to consider when making this choice, including: budget, knowledge, risk assessment, volume of the infestation, and the type of pest you are dealing with. Consider Your Budget If you have a minor pest problem, your first READ MORE »

3 Most Harmful Pests For Children

There are over 900,000 different insects in the world, and they make up 80% of all the world’s species. Some of them live in your household and they may expose your children to harmful diseases. As a parent, knowing which pests are dangerous can help you choose the most effective strategy to minimize your family’s exposure to those pests who live in your home or garden. Pest control helps you with a regulation and management of the species which can be dangerous for your children’s health, so here is a list of the most harmful pests that may be living READ MORE »

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