Take Bed Bugs Off your Back to School List 

Back to school, back to school… It’s that time of year again! Back to school shopping is a yearly tradition for kids and parents. While they might be down in the dumps about the end of the summer, it is quickly offset by the excitement of new clothes and school supplies! Here’s what your kid’s back to school checklist might look like this year: Pens Pencils Markers Backpack Calculator Folders Notebooks Bed Bugs Wait…did you see anything interesting on that list? Perhaps even out of place? Bed bugs should definitely NOT be on your list of back to school supplies! READ MORE »

Pest Proofing Tips for First Time Homeowners

You’ve purchased your first home. Congrats! On top of remodeling, renovations and furnishing, there is one more thing you will need to think about as you take on the exciting role of “new homeowner.” That’s right – pests. While pests can be a problem even in new construction homes, they tend to be more prevalent in older homes, used homes, or homes that have not been lived in for a period of time. Home inspections don’t catch everything, and you never know what a previous homeowner left behind. So, make sure to add pest-proofing to your long list of items READ MORE »

Aerex Pest Control’s Guide to Carpenter Ants

It sure has been a busy summer for  We can thank a handful of pests for that, but one has stood out above the rest: carpenter ants. They’re a pest that businesses and homeowners have come to know all too well, creeping up in kitchens, garages and bathrooms everywhere. While carpenter ants are a vital part of nature by nesting in dead wood and aiding in the process of decaying, they can become a major nuisance to humans for that very reason. Identifying Carpenter Ants Carpenter ants are one of the largest species of ants in the United States. They READ MORE »

5 Questions & Answers About Insect Stings

Aerex Pest Control gets hundreds of calls regarding stinging insects like bees and wasps every year. With these calls, pest inspections and treatments comes many questions from our customers. Don’t let stinging insects ruin your summer. Learn how to identify these buggers and protect yourself from their stings. Please take note: While Aerex Pest Control is devoted to helping customers stay educated on the topic of stinging insects, we cannot, do not and will not treat honey bees!  1. Why do bees die after stinging? The only type of bee that dies after stinging is a honey bee. When a READ MORE »

Summer Tick Prevention

Although ticks are commonly thought of as insects, they are actually arachnids like scorpions, spiders and mites. Ticks have been a bigger problem this summer than most, due to the large amounts of rain the Chicago area has seen. This means there is a heightened threat of the transmission of common diseases like Lyme disease. During the summer months, it’s best to take precautions against ticks whenever outdoors, especially in areas known for tick populations. From Aerex Pest Control, here are some common tick prevention tips. Wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes. This is especially important in READ MORE »

Enjoy Pest Free Summer Barbecues!

Nothing says summer like a backyard BBQ. So when you’re manning the grill, you want to make sure pests aren’t getting in the way of your culinary creations – particularly flies. The last thing you want is a swarm of flies landing on your food! To help reduce flies around your deck, patio or grill: Keep all plates, utensils and food covered until it’s ready to be used. Keep grill lids closed and open only to check the food. Remove all sources of standing water around your home (bird baths, kiddie pools, etc). Don’t overwater your yard. Too much precipitation READ MORE »

Aerex Pest Control's Top 10 Pests

The most prominent pests have a lot to do with geographic location. Chicagoland is home to a large group of pests, including rodents, insects and anachrids. While most of these pests are harmless (for the most part) they can do a number on our homes, gardens and peace of mind! Aerex has put together an infographic of our Top 10 Pests that we feel all of our customers should be aware of. And remember, contact Aerex for professional pest control services in Chicago! Enjoy! Download Aerex’s Top 10 Pests

Top 5 Summer Pests

Ready for summer? We think we can guess the answer! Although summer has been long awaited after a lengthy winter, there are a handful of summer pests we need to pay special attention to. Ants: Ants are a major concern for many people all over the country. They are also one of the most common pests seen inside the home. Ants are tiny – and can make their way inside through even the tiniest of cracks. They leave an invisible pheromone path behind them for other ants to follow which is why ants can quickly become a large problem. Protect READ MORE »

Beneficial Garden Insects

Gardens are a buggy place. You really can’t look more than a few inches without coming across a new insect to observe. From beetles, bees, caterpillars, slugs and spiders, gardens attract pests by the dozens. But before you search for an insecticide, take a closer look. There are actually a handful of insects that are saving your garden. Look for these 3 beneficial garden insects this spring! For the rest… just Lady Beetles: Don’t get rid of these! Lady Beetles eat all of the insects a garden despises; aphids, scale insects, thrips, mealybugs, and mites. Even their larvae feed on READ MORE »

National Pest Management Month

It seems like there is a “National Holiday” for just about everything. There is National Hot Dog Day, National High Five Day, National Pie Day and even National Rubber Duckie Day! With all these holidays, you would think there would be a day devoted entirely to pest control, wouldn’t you? Well, we get more than just a day. April is National Pest Management Month! In honor of an entire month dedicated to precisely what we do, Aerex Pest Control wants to share the importance of pest control services. Each day, pest control companies like Aerex are working to prevent or READ MORE »

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