What Kind of Spider is That?

Spiders, they just won’t go away. They are that one pest that seems to plague our homes no matter what time of year it is. Unfortunately, this prevalent creature is also one of the most frightening! Before you scream at the mere sight of our eight legged friends, take a deep breath. Most spiders around Chicagoland are harmless. That being said… whether it’s thick and black, brown and hairy or has unusual markings, properly identifying spiders is the first step in getting rid of them. At Aerex Pest Control, we’re familiar with the habits and characteristics of these creepy crawlers. READ MORE »

A Reminder About Mice and Rats

Happy New Year! As we begin 2014, January is a month that commercial and residential properties need to be aware of rodents. Mice and rats thrive off the shelter of our homes and offices during the winter months, with January being at the peak of rodent season. Here are a few things to remember about mice: They reproduce quickly One mouse/rat can easily turn into 12 – or more! What’s worse? Mice that invade homes will continue to be a problem as long as food and shelter will allow. It’s okay to use common home elimination practices, but contacting Aerex READ MORE »

Could Your Car be a Rodent's Next Meal?

If you’ve never thought of your vehicle as a food source, chances are you’re among the majority of car-owners. But over the past decade, car manufacturers started replacing petroleum with soy to make a variety of auto parts, allowing mice and rats to enjoy a new type of food. Tires, wiring harness covers, seat cushion foam, interior carpeting, trim, wire insulation and equipment panels can all be tasty treats for hungry rodents. Mice, rats and maybe even squirrels could see your vehicle as an irresistible feast – which could result in costly and dangerous damages. While our specialties are commercial READ MORE »

Cockroaches - Prevention Tips

Think winter is free of pests? Think again. As mentioned in our Winter Pests blog, spring and summer aren’t the only seasons that come along with pests. Winter can also be an active time for insects and rodents, particularly cockroaches. Cockroaches can breed rapidly and are highly resilient. For this reason, it is very important to know how to get rid of cockroaches in your home or office and act quickly to prevent them from spreading to your neighbors. Cockroaches are commonly associated with “uncleanliness” but contrary to the popular belief cockroaches can be found in places that are perfectly READ MORE »

BUG Inspired Recipes

Ok, we’re going to be honest. Cooking isn’t our speciality at Aerex; it’s providing the best pest control services in Chicago. But when we saw some of these recipes, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share with our community. After all, bugs are our thing. We don’t normally associate insects with food – unless they’re taking over a picnic, of course! But you would be surprised at the number of “bug inspired” foods. Aerex Pest Control, a leader in Chicago Pest Control Services, took to Pinterest to find some creepy crawly (but delicious!) eats. Dirt Cups Ah, the infamous dirt READ MORE »

Winter Pests

There’s no doubt summer is the prime season for pests. Insects are abundant, and flies and mosquitos buzz freely in your home through open doors and windows. Rodents, including rats and mice, roam around lawns, streets and fields. In turn, Aerex Pest Control receives hundreds – thousands – of calls between May and September. Although we see the majority of pest problems during summer, pests aren’t completely inactive in winter. In fact, the chill, cold and snow actually make pests even more likely to seek the warmth and shelter of homes and offices. So which pests should we be aware READ MORE »

Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips for Businesses

Pests and rodents aren’t simply a nuisance – they can severely affect your health and the safety of your staff. This is why bug, insect and rodent prevention is critical in protecting businesses from a pest infestation. From Chicagoland’s leading pest control company, here are Aerex’s Top 10 Pest Prevention Tips. Keep your business “Pest-Proofed” by being vigilant of building maintenance needs. Don’t let any damages, spills or technical issues go unnoticed. Even the smallest problem could result in a pest infestation. Get the whole staff on board with this one. Dispose of garbage regularly and store in sealed containers. READ MORE »

EEEEEEK! Mice are Back for Fall and Winter

Every year Aerex gets countless calls about mice. But what is it about these tiny rodents that make us shriek? They’re small, furry, and actually kinda cute. But when we see them in our homes we tend to freak out. Maybe it’s their beady eyes. Perhaps it’s their scuttling. Or maybe it’s simply because whether we are aware of it or not, mice can pose a number of problems on our homes and health. Because mice produce large litters in a short amount of time, an infestation can mean big trouble for any home or business owner. While most mice READ MORE »

Crickets: The Noisy House Pest

October: the month of ladybugs, boxelder bugs, spiders and… crickets? This might make you think twice about the mysterious night creature. Crickets seem pretty harmless, right? Sure…when they’re outside. These insects who are fond of garbage dumps and can be heard chirping throughout the summer nights can become quite bothersome if invading interior spaces. So, when you start hearing the “chirp chirp” make sure it’s coming from outside and not your living room! Outdoor Habits: Crickets are often found in large numbers, sometimes by the thousand. They typically live outdoors and can be found near trash cans and electric lights. READ MORE »

10 Tips for Preventing Pests in the Kitchen

Where is the number one place you don’t want pests? Well, if you enjoy eating foods that are safe and preparing meals in a clean environment, the answer is probably your kitchen. Pests can chew through boxes, contaminate your food or leave droppings behind in drawers and pantries. Fortunately, Aerex Pest Control has some handy tips for preventing pests in the kitchen. 1. Make a habit of cleaning up immediately after meals. Place all dishes in the dishwasher (or hand wash), wipe down tables or counters, and store leftovers in airtight containers. Cleaning up quickly prevents pests from making their READ MORE »

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