Bed Bug Myths Crushed

Over the years, bed bugs have gained substantial notoriety in the United States. With that attention brings myths. For your protection, Aerex Pest Control wants to put the bed bug myths to rest! Myth 1: Bed Bugs are Seasonal Contrary to the popular belief that the summer months equal bed bug season, there is in fact no bed bug season at all. Bed bugs can creep up in homes and hotels at any time during the year. Myth 2: Bed Bugs Only Bite at Night If bed bugs are hungry, bed bugs will eat. Although they are for the most READ MORE »

Cockroaches: How Did They Get Here?

As soon as we see a cockroach in our home or office, we are immediately plagued with the stigma that the area is “dirty” or “unkempt.” Well, contrary to the popular belief that cockroaches only appear in messy spaces, they can actually be found in the cleanest of places. (However, keep in mind that a filthy area will extend their stay.) How does this happen? In most situations, cockroaches are unknowingly picked up and brought back to our homes or offices. Similar to bed bugs, we can adopt cockroaches without even knowing it. Maybe an office you visited had an READ MORE »

5 Best Practices for Bed Bug Prevention

Reports of bed bug infestations are not uncommon – even in luxury resorts. Traveling is also the most common way to spread these critters. Whether it’s something as simple as your child’s slumber party at the neighbor’s, or a luxurious vacation at a 5 star hotel, it is important to take proper prevention precautions every time you travel. Find a Safe Place for Luggage: Placing your luggage on the floor or bed while traveling is one of the easiest ways to expose yourself to bed bugs. Even hotel furniture is a big no-no. So, if you can’t keep your luggage READ MORE »

Bed Bugs: We've Come to Suck Your Blood...

If you have ever experienced a bed bug infestation, you know that these blood-loving buggers are an absolute pain to deal with. Not only can their bites cause red, itchy welts, but their overall presence can be bothersome – mainly because they are not easy to get rid of. Identifying a bed bug problem in the home can be difficult. That is because signs of bed bugs can also hold true for other pests like mosquitoes or fleas. With that said, first things first: Identification. Bed bugs are about half a centimeter long with a flattened, oval shaped body and READ MORE »

Get Rid of Earwigs with Aerex!

We’ve all heard it: Earwigs get their name from crawling through people’s ears and into their brains. Number 1: that is a myth. Number 2: that myth is all the more reason to steer clear of these pesky buggers! Earwigs are creepy, crawly, skittish creatures. You can find them in cool, damp or wet areas, most often near decaying vegetation – their preferred food source. As with any pest, it is best to prevent earwigs from entering a premise rather than waiting until the infestation requires extensive control. But before you can take proper precautions, you will first need to identify and READ MORE »

Pests in the Office or Workplace

“Hey, Honey. How was your day at work?” “It was great….minus the rat problem.” If you’ve ever had this conversation (or if the thought of having this conversation gives you the heebie jeebies) then you know how difficult and unpleasant it can be to work in an environment full of unwanted visitors. Whether it’s flies, bees, moths, rats or mice, pests in and around the office can never be a good thing. Not only are they scary, icky and creepy, they can also inflict dangerous health problems on humans. Any indication of a pest problem in your office should be READ MORE »

Bees, Wasps and More

As summer approaches, there is one thing we can all look forward to: the presence of bees and wasps. Ok, maybe not look forward to, but at least they are a positive symbol of warm weather, right? As with any pest, the first step to removing the problem is identifying the pest. With an assortment of bees and wasps that all look similar, it’s not easy to distinguish one from the other. For that reason, Aerex has compiled a roundup of bees and wasps with characteristics of each. Honeybee: Honeybees are about a half inch long, hairy and honey brown. READ MORE »

Silverfish Protection and Control

If you have ever seen a silverfish, you know that they are fast moving creatures. Not only do they move quickly – but they also reproduce quickly, causing an infestation to get out of hand at a rapid rate. As with any pest, the first key in identifying a problem is knowing how to identify the creature. Luckily, Silverfish are easy to distinguish, from their white, brown/grey or blue/silver colors and three long bristles in the rear. They can also be quite large, ranging from 12-19mm. One bad thing about silverfish is that while they prefer dark, damp and humid READ MORE »

Pests and Industrial Manufacturing

Hygiene and cleanliness standards can never be compromised in a manufacturing setting, and pest management is essential to maintaining a safe and pleasant environment for people to work in and to prevent the spread of the wide range of diseases carried by pests. Businesses lose millions of dollars each year due to pest damage. When left untreated, insects and rodents can consume products, destroy buildings and ruin reputations. Your customers, management and employees simply won’t and cannot tolerate pest infestations in your facilities. The types of industrial manufacturing that  need to be sensitive to pest control are vast, but include READ MORE »

Spring Brings Back Our 8-Legged Friends

Spring is the perfect time of year. The weather is beautiful, flowers are blooming, people are spending more time outdoors, and spiders are…everywhere. When the spring months roll around, humans aren’t the only creatures taking advantage of spring’s warmer weather. In fact, many species of spider wait for spring to start laying their eggs and venturing out into the world. While some spiders are completely harmless and do nothing more than give us the “creepy crawlies” some can be poisonous and harmful to humans. This spring, keep an eye out for these common spiders found in homes and commercial buildings. READ MORE »

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